JZ’s Takeaways

In February of the new year 2021, Jordan Zlomislic looks to start up his very own Podcast. While working on several projects as well as the documentary series, Zlomislic has been featured on a few different podcasts as a guest and as one that has watched and listened to several great podcasts he’s found no reason not to start one of his own.

The podcast, which will be available on all platforms will cover all the latest football news, feature exclusive conversations with professional athletes as well as everyday conversations and debates with some of the people Jordan has met through his young sports journalism career.

As he looks to put his foot in every single door possible in the sports media business, the podcast is JZ’s way to show more of his knowledge of the game of football as well as a way to practice using his voice in front of a microphone. With now 2 full months until the first podcast episode drops, you won’t want to miss out on the release date so stay tuned on JZ Media and Jordan Zlomislic’s social media accounts which you can find at…

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