Who has Jordan Zlomislic partnered up with?


Ginuwine Brand

While working on projects around the city of Ottawa, Jordan Zlomislic came across a lot of athletes repping a clothing brand with the icon GE. After learning that the brand with the GE icon is a local brand, Zlomislic knew he wanted to get in on what he was missing out on. He later teamed up with Ginuwine Eyma, the owner and founder of Ginuwine Brand. They created hoodies with the JZ Media logo on them as well as the Canadian flag, remembering where the dream started. The JZ Media x Ginuwine Brand hoodies are going to be found on soon, but until then go checkout what else Eyma has in store for you. Go rep the GE icon like the best athletes in Ottawa!

Skyline Sports Global

With no CFL season in 2020, Jordan Zlomislic was found with very little to write about regarding the Ottawa Redblacks, the team he covers as an individual beat reporter, but he didn’t struggle finding new stories to tell in the summer. Zlomislic attended a couple of the CEBL’s Ottawa Blackjacks training camp practices before the team went to St Catherines for their Summer Series which was in place of the missed 2020 basketball season and at one of those practices he had come across fellow sports enthusiast Ronny Musikitele. Musikitele, the CEO of Skyline Sports Global kept Zlomislic in mind for any football content he may work on in the future and the time finally came when he and CFL Draft prospect Alain Cimankinda put an idea on paper for a “path to the draft” documentary series which coming soon is partially directed by Jordan Zlomislic and JZ Media.

Mr. Thompson 78

In the city of Ottawa there is much more than just talented musicians and athletes that Jordan Zlomislic and JZ Media love to cover stories on. While playing football in Ottawa for a local NCAFA team, Zlomislic noticed that a lot of the players he was playing against had some really nice cleats. After looking around on instagram and all over social media, he came across Desmond Thompson, aka Mr. Thompson 78 who is the man behind the awesome footwear repped by not only youth football players in Ottawa but also football players at the highest stages like the NFL and CFL. Zlomislic then continued to follow what Thompson had going, and as JZ Media started to get more recognized the two collaborated on a pair of Nike Air Forces seen in the photo above. Mr. Thompson does great work for everyone and can be found at @mrthompson78 on instagram.

Off The Block Football


Connected through social media, Jordan Zlomislic and JZ Media have been able to form a small partnership with Off The Block Football from the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada. Off The Block Football, similar to JZ Media has a goal to put Canadian football on the map world wide. The two will start by writing articles together about rising Canadian stars and may lead to something bigger in the near future.

Eldrinson Vado

Photo by Eldrinson Vado

Growing his name on social media, Jordan Zlomislic was able to get a message from fellow Ottawa content creator Eldrinson Vado while in the works of “The Journey From The 613” documentary series, showcasing the city of Ottawa’s talent on the football field. Vado went to Millennium Park in Ottawa to go film and take pictures along side Zlomislic in November, and after meeting each other the two content creators began to work together on a couple smaller things, both appreciating each others work and now are working on a documentary series with Skyline Sports Global on Ottawa’s very own Alain Cimankinda as he preps for a professional football career. Vado’s instagram is attached to this paragraph.

Jet Prep

Among the players that Jordan Zlomislic filmed training videos of over the span of the 2020 summer was Judzer Paul, defensive back for the University of Ottawa Gee Gees. Following a few conversations with Paul, Jordan came to realize that Judzer Paul is much more than just a football player. Outside of the game of football, Judzer Paul has launched a meal prep company, Jet Prep. The company has been very well advertised by athletes all around the city of Ottawa, though with the partnership between JZ Media and Jet Prep, Paul hopes to make his dream of running one of the most successful companies international. JZ Media has already covered multiple stories on Paul and has helped create the Jet Prep website which is coming soon.

Limitless Era

Learning more about the city of Ottawa and all of the sports being played in nation’s capital, its hard not to mention what Jordan Zlomislic has seen from Iseah Montgiraud, the coach and trainer of Limitless Era. Limitless Era is a growing name in the sports community in Ottawa because of what Montgiraud has helped accomplish with many division one and professional athletes from the 613 region and continuing the growth of the personal training sessions, performance and speed trainings that they offer, JZ Media hopes to bring as much to the table as possible for Limitless Era. Limitless Era has been featured in several of Zlomislic’s work already and with a bright future for both parties, expect more Limitless Era related content soon.

Northern Maroons

One of the faces of Jordan Zlomislic and JZ Media’s biggest project thus far, “The Journey From The 613” 4 part documentary series was Coach Jean Guillaume who many know him as the Coach Carter of Ottawa. After winning the 2020 Ottawa Awards’ Brian Kilrea award for the best youth sports coach in the city, Guillaume has been getting recognized across the country of Canada for his work as well as in the United States, the capital for football. Working on the documentary with Guillaume and Ottawa Redblacks’ Defensive back Sherrod Baltimore was an amazing learning experience for Zlomislic as he began to grow his name in the city of Ottawa and now where JZ Media is known Ottawa-wide Jordan hopes to make some of the best content for Guillaume and his Northern Maroons team here in Ottawa, Canada.

Eddie Brown All-Star Performance

Having met through Coach Jean Guillaume while working on “The Journey From The 613” documentary series in the summer of 2020, Jordan Zlomislic was surprised that nobody had touched on the story of former CFL All-Star receiver Eddie “Downtown” Brown giving back to the younger generation the right way. There are several coaches in Canada and we are starting to see a lot more coaches that have experience as players and can successfully coach off of what they know and have experienced but Brown is a key example of a coach that checks those boxes and more. After going to a couple football trainings that Brown was at over the summer and extended through the winter, Jordan noticed that Eddie Brown had something special going with EB4 All-Star Performance Training. To show exactly that, Zlomislic directed and filmed a promotional video for Brown showing the world what he’s doing in Ottawa, just one of many projects that could come up in the future.

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