Scouting Reports

Here in the city of Ottawa, where Jordan Zlomislic is from and has lived his whole life there is a lot of great football being played. There is talent coming in and out of the city every single year and as Zlomislic continues to recognize that he hopes to bring the city of Ottawa, and the football in Ottawa to the attention of others world-wide.

In the USA, for all sports you have access to the best players in the nation through sites like 247Sports, Rivals or even ESPN 300 recruiting for football but when you come to Canada and you try to find out who the best athletes are here, good luck. Canada is yet to host a recruiting platform like the states do and while working on the Ottawa Football documentary series Jordan saw just how talented the guys in Ottawa were, seeing that the city of Ottawa has guys in the NFL now and a lot of guys on the come up he wanted to make sure to show everyone the talent in the city even more.

It’s not going to start out big like a ESPN, or a Rivals but Zlomislic, with JZ Media hopes to start writing articles about the best up and coming players from Ottawa, go in depth about their play on the field and do interviews. As the platform grows, the content will grow as well.

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Scouting Reports done by Jordan Zlomislic

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