Since April of 2019 when Jordan Zlomislic had first started his Ottawa Redblacks website, he’s been able to do a lot. At the time, the overall goal was just to start something and try to have as much fun with it as possible but as Jordan met more people and became more connected with the CFL and football community he had opened so many doors that he didn’t even know could be opened at such a young age.

Out of everything he’s been able to accomplish for the last year-plus, Zlomislic has only one major project which he could call his, and only his. From May through November, he worked on a Ottawa Football documentary series with CFL star Sherrod Baltimore and Ottawa football coach Jean Guillaume. The four part documentary can now be found on YouTube and has received many positive reviews.

Though the positive reviews and all of the views it has gotten looks great when it comes to building a platform, Zlomislic also learnt a lot during the process and was able to take on another big project while still working on the Ottawa one. Posted November 29th, which would have been Grey Cup Sunday in the 2020 CFL season, Zlomislic released a documentary on Ottawa Redblacks and CFL star defensive back Jonathan Rose. The documentary, similar to the series he did on Ottawa Football was put out on YouTube and is a part of Zlomislic’s portfolio moving forward. He hopes to work on more projects like these in the future as throughout these experiences he’s learnt a lot and enjoyed working on them.

JZ’s Documentaries

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