Who is JZ, and what is JZ Media?

JZ is Jordan Zlomislic, founder of JZ Media and beat reporter of the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks. Starting up shop in April of 2019 Zlomislic began writing articles and doing interviews with Redblacks players, covering every move that Marcel Desjardins and the Ottawa Redblacks made. While still working on his Ottawa Redblacks website, Lil Z Big R Zlomislic has been able to use the connections he has built through his time covering the Redblacks over the span of the 2019 season and from previous years being around the Ottawa Redblacks as a season ticket holder, really being able to put together top notch content, including a documentary series with Redblacks’ fan favourite defensive back Sherrod Baltimore which helped kickstart Jordan Zlomislic’s JZ Media.

The documentary series The Journey From The 613 was Zlomislic’s first major project and not only was it a great learning experience to be able to plan, direct, film, produce and publish a four part documentary series but it was also an amazing networking experience. Sherrod Baltimore was able to connect Zlomislic with a number of individuals from the city of Ottawa that he’s been able to be around since his 2017 Rookie of the Year season including Jean Sorphia-Guillaume, or Coach Jean who is one of the more popular youth football coaches in all of Canada. Guillaume has been a large part of Jordan’s growth outside of just professional football work and continues to help with JZ Media.

By clicking the image below you’ll be able to see the documentary series produced by Jordan Zlomislic and JZ Media last fall

Since becoming a season ticket holder of the Ottawa Redblacks in 2014, the first year of existence, Jordan Zlomislic has been around TD Place, going to games, practices and events at the stadium, Zlomislic loved being around the stadium. The atmosphere was electric every game day, sell outs every week and come 2016 when the Redblacks won their first ever Grey Cup Jordan knew that he wanted to be around the game of football. He began to talk to players on the team, building connections with professional athletes, eventually doing graphic designs and highlight tapes for the players he got to know. It was something Zlomislic enjoyed doing and knew he wanted to continue to do edits, highlight tapes and more in the future. Eventually his work got enough exposure to get to football players across the globe, now growing into what it is today with JZ Media. JZ Media is now Zlomislic’s platform on social media which he uses to publish his graphic designs, highlight tapes, documentaries, YouTube videos, articles, and interviews.

To make that happen, and to kickstart a larger than life platform Jordan has built JZ Media. JZ Media is a platform aiming to bring athletes to the next level. Whether you’re a high school athlete trying to get recognized by universities, an NFL hopeful or a professional hoping to bring your off-the-field vision to a reality JZ has you covered.

Keeping up with the work

What JZ’s been up to


Jordan Zlomislic’s first major project was The Journey From The 613 Documentary Series that he worked on over the summer of 2020 with Sherrod Baltimore of the Ottawa Redblacks and Coach Jean Guillaume.

Zlomislic also dropped a documentary about CFL all-star Jonathan Rose in late November last year and is in the process of working on The Alain B. Cimankinda story with Skyline Sports Global and Vado Visuals.

Lil Z Big R

Jordan Zlomislic got his start as a junior reporter of the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks in April of 2019 as a 14 year old and he has continued to cover the team.

All of the Ottawa Redblacks related work which he works on can be found at https://lilzbigr.blog/

Canadian football stories

Since launching his Ottawa Redblacks website Lil Z Big R in 2019, Zlomislic has been a large supporter of Canadian football players and those at a high level.

He has since covered dozens of stories from Ottawa Redblacks player profiles to Canadian NFL Draft stories.

Project Request

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Since he started doing work in the sports media field, JZ has always been keen on helping others succeed. Whether it was helping put Ottawa under the spotlight with his documentary or the several highlight tapes he’s done for high school to pro athletes, he’s always stayed positive in building his platform and helping others build theirs. Now do your part and help build the JZ MEDIA platform.

If you have any content suggestions, ideas or even some advice on how to improve please contact Jordan Zlomislic.