Who is JZ, and what is JZ Media?

JZ is Jordan Zlomislic, founder of JZ Media and beat reporter of the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks. Starting up shop in April of 2019 Zlomislic began writing articles and doing interviews with Redblacks players, covering every move that Marcel Desjardins and the Ottawa Redblacks made. While still working on his Ottawa Redblacks website, Lil Z Big R Zlomislic has been able to use the connections he has built through his time covering the Redblacks over the span of the 2019 season and from previous years being around the Ottawa Redblacks as a season ticket holder, really being able to put together top notch content, including a documentary series with Redblacks’ fan favourite defensive back Sherrod Baltimore which helped kickstart Jordan Zlomislic’s JZ Media.

The documentary series The Journey From The 613 was Zlomislic’s first major project and not only was it a great learning experience to be able to plan, direct, film, produce and publish a four part documentary series but it was also an amazing networking experience. Sherrod Baltimore was able to connect Zlomislic with a number of individuals from the city of Ottawa that he’s been able to be around since his 2017 Rookie of the Year season including Jean Sorphia-Guillaume, or Coach Jean who is one of the more popular youth football coaches in all of Canada. Guillaume has been a large part of Jordan’s growth outside of just professional football work and continues to help with JZ Media.

JZ Media has since led two other documentaries, one on 2021 CFL Draft pick Alain Cimankinda of the Saskatchewan Roughriders which told his story leading up to his CFL career and another about Jonathan Rose who is currently a defensive back for the CFL’s Edmonton Elks and recently made his return to football after 25 months away from it, having suffered a neck injury during the 2019 CFL season with the Ottawa Redblacks and missing out on a full CFL season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The two documentaries were posted in 2021 and are able to be seen now on YouTube alongside a short introductory video to Jordan Zlomislic pieced together by Ottawa’s GHOB Studios, a professional film maker and production company. GHOB Studios’ video about Zlomislic highlights his ability to express his passion through the game of football and gives a well deserved spotlight leading into what is his third year in the sports media business. Zlomislic has high hopes and big league dreams in the game of football moving forward with what he has started, with interest in working with athletes but also making a name for himself as a big name sports reporter.

To help Zlomislic get his name out there more as a sports reporter and content creator, to ensure that he gets the credit he deserves moving forward in the sports media business stay up to date with all of his social media platforms and continue to like, comment and share any new JZ Media content, like one of the more recent projects Jordan Zlomislic worked on as a part of JZ Media, creating his own clothing collection with Ginuwine Eyma of Ginuwine Brand. Get your own JZ Media clothing and represent a platform which has the overall goal of giving athletes a voice in the media and treat everyone in sports like they should. No fake news, no paparazzi, no dumb inside scoops, just real headlines and inspiring stories.

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Since he started doing work in the sports media field, JZ has always been keen on helping others succeed. Whether it was helping put Ottawa under the spotlight with a documentary or the several highlight tapes he’s done for high school to pro athletes, he’s always stayed positive in building his platform and helping others build theirs. Now do your part and help build the JZ MEDIA platform.

If you have any content suggestions, ideas or even some advice on how to improve please contact Jordan Zlomislic.