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Who is JZ, and what is JZ Media?

JZ is Jordan Zlomislic, founder of JZ Media. Zlomislic is a reporter of the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks who has been able to make a mark in various fields. Since starting up shop in April of 2019, the now 16 year old has covered the Redblacks with every move while using his connections to put together quality content. For example; during quarantine and throughout the summer of 2020 he used his time off school to work on a documentary series with CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks’ defensive back Sherrod Baltimore and Ottawa football legend Coach Jean Guillaume. The documentary can be seen by clicking the image below to get a look at JZ’s work.

Along with the documentary, Jordan has been able to get a number of pieces documented and edited. As he started to learn more about the various fields he was working in, and improving his work, Zlomislic worked free of charge, although with this platform he hopes to use all he’s learned over the last while to make a little change.

To make that happen, and to kickstart a larger than life platform Jordan has built JZ Media. JZ Media is a platform aiming to bring athletes to the next level. Whether you’re a high school athlete trying to get recognized by universities, an NFL hopeful or a professional hoping to bring your off-the-field vision to a reality JZ has you covered.

JZ’s work

What JZ’s been up to


From May through November, Zlomislic, Sherrod Baltimore and Jean Guillaume worked on a documentary series on Ottawa Football.

Zlomislic also dropped a documentary about CFL all-star Jonathan Rose in late November.

JZ’s HS Scouting Report (Coming soon)

While Working on the Ottawa Football doc series, JZ has been able to get to know, and watch some of the best athletes from Ottawa.

Soon he’ll be posting articles about the best football players from Ottawa, putting them under the spotlight.

JZ’s Takeaways (Coming soon)

Like the Scouting Reports, dropping in the new year, is going to be a football talk show hosted by Jordan Zlomislic.

Stay up to date with all major football news, and hear all sorts of stories from athletes on all stages with JZ’s newest adventure.

Project Request

Help build the platform

Since he started doing work in the sports media field, JZ has always been keen on helping others succeed. Whether it was helping put Ottawa under the spotlight with his documentary or the several highlight tapes he’s done for high school to pro athletes, he’s always stayed positive in building his platform. Now do your part and help build the platform.

If you have any content suggestions, ideas or even some advice on how to improve please contact Jordan Zlomislic.