I’ve been in love with the game of football since I started playing it when I was 6 years old. Some of my best childhood memories have come on the football field, or at football games. Some of my best friends, and the people I know I will be around all my life came through the game of football. And most importantly, the game of football has taught me some of the most important life lessons that I need to know to have success in my future. Football has given me a lot over the years. A lot of people from the outside looking in may just look at that, or hear that and think it’s corny and chuckle, but it’s true. The game of football is beautiful. Everything about it is beautiful, and I want to give back to the game. I want to make my mark and help change the game for the better. 

Since exploring the media side, as well as the business side of football, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work on a number of great projects, and most importantly the opportunity to work with a lot of great, interesting and smart individuals. From other members of the media, to scouts, coaches, general managers and all the way to the players that are competing on the football field, I’ve been able to connect and work with some of the best people I’ve ever met, all through football. It’s really amazing how many people I’ve been able to work with in football and being a part of the media I have realized that I can work with them in a positive way. I’ve realized that the media has power in football and I want to use that power to benefit athletes and leave a positive impact on the game of football.

My favorite part of being a part of the sports media industry over the last couple of years has been learning about athletes, and being able to tell their stories. Every single athlete, no matter the level they play at, has a story to tell, but oftentimes the media doesn’t want to tell their story, and if they do it isn’t always the real story. The media twists stories a lot. That’s just how it is, that’s how it’s always been. These major media corporations tend to only tell the stories, or tell stories in a way that makes them money. In a way, they only tell stories that get them “clicks” and if a story they are telling will not get “clicks” they can, and will change the narrative of the story. It has changed the sports industry in a huge way. Yes, it’s put a lot of money in a lot of people’s pockets, but it’s also taken away so many opportunities from athletes to tell their real stories, and put their real name, image and likeness out there. That is exactly where I want to come into play. I want to change those narratives, and help the athletes. Essentially I want to use my platform, as a journalist, reporter, and content creator to help athletes tell their stories, and create content that benefits them in putting out the right name, image and likeness that they want to be put out there. I want to push out positive stories that help the athletes off of the football field. Stories that inspire the youth, create a community and create an iconic picture in the media of the athletes in the story, and do so in a creative way that can change the entire sports media industry in the long run. 

JZ Media, is “For The Athlete” and will create content that is “For The Athlete”. It will be a media source “For The Athlete”. Are you in it for the long run?

Who is in it for the long run?

Since I started working in the sports media business, and launched my JZ Media platform I have had the opportunity to work with so many great individuals. With the re-brand, and making JZ Media the media source FOR THE ATHLETE, I am excited to work with athletes and tell more in depth stories on the athletes I know personally, or will get to know personally. Before even putting this vision in front of the world, there are over forty football players of all levels interested and invested into JZ Media. To launch the “For The Athlete” vision, five names have been released by myself as official JZ Media athletes, meaning their stories will be told through JZ Media.

Those five names are Caleb Evans, Edwin Tara-Kolenge, Christian Veilleux, Brandin Dandridge and DeVonte Dedmon. Scroll down and click on the following images to learn more about the first five JZ Media athletes. When the time is right, and more content is created, the other names will be released as well, but over the years working in this field, I have learnt to stay patient and not to rush anything. You can’t rush greatness.

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