JZ Media, over the last while has been known to push out a lot of great, creative content for and with athletes. Creator Jordan Zlomislic has worked with mainly football players, and has done so at every level. From high school all the way through the NFL, that JZ Media logo has been seen everywhere, and will continue to be seen all around the game of football, but so will a new logo, and a new platform that JZ Media’s Jordan Zlomislic has been working on recently. That platform is “Psychletes”. Psychletes, which the name comes from the two words “psychology” and “athletes” is a platform built for athletes, by athletes to help athletes succeed outside of their respective sports.

Of course, for those that know Zlomislic, he didn’t play any sports at high levels, but Tyler Sumpter, the founder of Psychletes did. 

Sumpter was a punter and placekicker in the NCAA with both the Troy Trojans and the West Virginia Mountaineers, where not only did he play at the division one, power 5 level for football, but also got two degrees, a bachelors in psychology and a masters in communications. Through both his educational and athletic background, Sumpter was able to learn a lot about Psychology, and the impact sports can have on an athlete’s mental state, and well being. As a former placekicker, with games on the line, and a lot of stress to deal with at times, he himself was affected as well, however with some healthy habits off of the football field, and the right mindset he was able to overcome adversity with ease. Psychletes, hence the “Psych” in the name, is a platform where athletes can come to and learn more about themselves in a creative fashion, but also a platform where they can create their own platform as well. 

A big problem in the sports industry, and something alluded to earlier is the picture painted by the media that athletes are just athletes. 

As a content creator himself, Sumpter is right on the same page with Zlomislic’s goals behind JZ Media to help show to the world that athletes are much more than just athletes. While JZ Media will be a media source to show to the world who athletes are outside of sports, Psychletes will be a platform for athletes to explore life outside of sports, getting real life opportunities and learning real life lessons. It will be the platform for growth for all athletes, and with opportunities that range out from making a documentary about their sports story all the way to getting in a studio and recording music for the first time or starting up a mentorship program for younger athletes, the vision and the opportunities that come with Psychletes prove that the sky is limitless for athletes beyond their sport. 

Since Psychletes launched, several different projects have been worked on by both Sumpter and Zlomislic for the up and coming platform. Of the projects, the biggest thus far was a football camp/showcase held in San Diego, California. Some of the most interesting projects, and those that have gotten a lot of attention as well, have been the Psychletes interviews done with University of Memphis Football players while Tyler Sumpter works as a video creator for the team. 

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