An end to cut-down day

Ottawa Redblacks QB Danny Collins during training camp at TD Place on May 21, 2019. Errol McGihon/Postmedia

What is Cut-down day?

Cut-down day was today, Saturday June 8th. Where each of the CFL teams have to release enough players so the roster sits at 46 players and the practice squad has 12 players. The deadline is 10 pm tonight, but most teams have already finished up this afternoon.

Our Cuts

*= Global player

  • Wide receiver, Jordan Bouah*
  • Defensive Lineman, Kevin Bronson
  • Linebacker, Charles Brousseau
  • Defensive Back, Joe Brown
  • Defensive Back, Shamar Busby
  • Quarterback, Danny Collins
  • Running back, Dalton Crossan
  • Offensive Lineman, Jacob Czaja
  • Defensive Back, Monteze Latimore
  • Linebacker, Drew Morris
  • Wide Receiver, Tyrone Pierre
  • Wide Receiver, Darius Powe
  • Offensive Lineman, Ryan Schmidt
  • Defensive Lineman, John Sheehy
  • Defensive Back, Ironhead Gallon
  • Defensive Lineman, Max Valles
  • Defensive Lineman, Max Soto*

Cut breakdowns

  • Danny Collins, the former Maine quarterback was entering his third season in plaid while a Quarterback Carousel took place during camp. This off-season, Ottawa lost their starting QB, Trevor Harris and got Jonathan Jennings to fight the starting job with Dominique Davis. While the two fought for the #1 and #2 spot, there was a mild competition between Danny Collins and Will Arndt for the 3rd spot on the chart. Once camp ended, Will Arndt threw for over 300 combined yards on 23 completions, winning the spot over Danny Collins who threw for 137 yards on 13 completions.
  • Ironhead Gallon, the 25 year old DB entering his rookie year of his CFL career had an outstanding camp. He started his CFL career in a preseason game vs Hamilton, where he had 7 defensive tackles and was the defensive player of the game. The next week in Montreal he got one tackle, and bad news. The former Georgia Southern athlete, suffered a torn Achilles in the first half of his second preseason game.

2019 Practice Squad

  • Running back, John Crockett
  • Defensive back, Deandre Farris
  • Defensive back, Shaneil Jenkins
  • Wide Receiver, Wesley Lewis
  • Running back, Greg Morris
  • Offensive Lineman, Daniel Omara
  • Defensive Lineman, Kene Onyeka
  • Offensive Lineman, Devondre Seymour
  • Defensive back, Ranthony Texada
  • Wide Receiver, Guillermo Villalbos
  • Defensive Lineman, Blaine Woodson

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