Alex Mateas

Alex Mateas, the Ottawa native has spent the last 4 seasons playing for the Redblacks! The 2015 first overall pick, grew up in Ottawa and has been a hometown hero since! Before his days in red and black, Alex was the center for the University of Conneticut AKA UCONN. He was first commited to Penn State, although he did not have a great experience with the Nittany Lions, and was a red shirt freshman going to UCONN. 

The hometown hero, was seltected 1st overall in the 2015 CFL draft by the Redblacks. His first year was all about learning, having veteran Offensive lineman around him helped him out to have future success. After the Redblacks finished 12-6 and lost in the Grey Cup in ’15, Alex was named a starting Offensive Guard for the ’16 season.
In the 2016 season, Mateas was granted the starting job, and was lucky enough to have limited injuries which let him start the majority of games! Going into the playoffs, Mateas was set to start in the 2016 Eastern Final vs the Edmonton Eskimos. During the snowy day in Ottawa, Kinean Lafrance carried the ball for over 150 yards, and the offensive line looked ready for the Grey Cup! The boys were ready, and they sure did show that they were ready! The 39-33 final came in Overtime, and Alex became a Grey Cup champion! Since then, Mateas has found a spot back at his number one position. He is the starting center hungry for another grey cup victory!
During this offseason, I’ve talked to a few of the players and asked them a few questions…
Q: What is your favorite color? A: Blue
Q: What is your favorite meal, desert included?  A: Paella (spanish rice dish) and for desert, a treatza pizza!
Q: What is your dream car? A: An Audi RS7
Q: If you couldn’t play sports, what would you be doing? A: I’d be a Phys Ed teacher.
Q: What NFL team do you want to play for, and why? A: Colts, I want to block for Andrew Luck.

Now that you know more about Alex Mateas, I hope you have become a bigger fan of his! 

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