Don’t give up on us yet Rnation!

In this afternoon’s game at TD Place, the REDBLACKS fell short to the Alouettes 36-19. The Redblacks now fall to 3rd place in the division behind both Hamilton and Montreal at 2-2 on the season.

Bright spots

Strong run game

During the week, the team made a roster change, that would bring up running-back, John Crockett to the active roster. Crockett and Madu combined for a total of 109 yards on the ground on just 19 touches! Along with two very strong running-backs, the Redblacks also found themselves with a mobile QB, Dominique Davis, who now leads the league with 5 rushing touchdowns added to his total with 21 yards and 2 touchdowns!

Despite the challenge to throw the ball, the team did not have much troubles running the ball against the tough Montreal Defense!

R.J Harris stays a consistent target for Davis

Coming off of a fumble in the first half, the now dual threat receiver had another great game for the REDBLACKS! Once again, he leads the team in receiving with 89 yards on 6 catches… That gives him 309 yards on the year, and also gives Dominique Davis someone to throw to!

Lewis Ward continues streak

Lewis Ward, the only kicker in the league not to miss yet this season! Lewis also continues his streak of consecutive field goals which he had started last season! With a 50 yard field goal today, his streak continues to 61!

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