The Redblacks fall short of 4th quarter comeback in Edmonton

The Redblacks faced off against Trevor Harris and the Edmonton Eskimos Friday night at 10:00 EDT. Trevor Harris and Greg Ellingson who were one of the best duos in the CFL a year ago here in Ottawa would be back together against the Red and Black.

With little time left on the clock, the Redblacks offense carried by Dominique Davis was stuffed at the Eskimos 11 yard line which ended in a Edmonton win at 16-12.

What went well

Run game

In the hard fought loss to Edmonton, the offense came to play. By the offense, I mean John Crockett and company.

John Crockett, who had started his 4th game of the season in Edmonton would look to reach the endzone for the first time in the new league.

Although he didn’t reach the end-zone, the back continues his success here in Canada. He rushed for 89 yards on 13 carries while also catching the ball twice for 19 yards. It had shown that Crockett could move the ball against one of the best defenses in Edmonton.

The pass game showed up, and stayed

Dominique Davis who led the Redblacks to victory last week in Montreal would look for his 4th win on the season in Edmonton on Friday. He came up short on the last drive which would later lead to a Eskimos win and of course a Redblacks loss.

Although he didn’t get the win on the scoreboard, Davis had a few personal wins on the stat sheet. Davis completed 23 passes for over 280 yards and one touchdown, that touchdown being a 67 yarder to Dominique Rhymes. If the Redblacks did finish on top, this game would be the best we’ve seen out of Davis so far this season.

New guy helped out offense

Rafael Araujo-Lopes took his first snap as a professional athlete Friday night in Edmonton. The Pittsburgh University receiver had produced well over 1,000 yards all-purpose in University ball and was ready to test the waters up north.

After being signed nearly a month ago, it is known that he knew the playbook and the rhythm going into the game. Knowing the playbook wasn’t too big in the game in Edmonton though, the Pitt product caught the ball 6 ties for 57 yards, 4 of those catches came off the same bubble screen he had caught a 68 yard touchdown in against Syracuse in his University days.

Defense stopped Trevor Harris and company… a lot

Going into this game, the Redblacks’ defense was red hot coming off the big win in Montreal, and it was already known that they were hungry for Trevor Harris.

The defense led by Avery Williams got the ball back four times on the night while giving up no pass touchdowns from Trevor Harris. Only giving up 16 points was huge for the Redblacks’ offense to stay in the game. Coming off this loss, the defense will be focused on a Hamilton offense in next week’s match-up.

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