Second week without Redblacks football, what to look forward to this off-season

The Redblacks season may have ended on November 1st after the last regular season game against Montreal, but as Redblacks fans the season should never end.

Throughout the calendar year, there are so many things to keep tabs on as football fans, and for Redblacks fans, we’ve been extra busy keeping tabs on the team’s news. The Redblacks season is finished, but we still have some former Redblacks players playing in the playoffs or even the NFL, and to pair with former Redblacks, there’s also so many future Redblacks players playing U Sports or NCAA football, so in conclusion to this point, there’s so much you can be doing this off-season related to Redblacks football.

CFL Playoffs

In this year’s CFL playoffs, the Redblacks aren’t in it, but there are many players and coaches associated with the Redblacks in the hunt.

Going into the CFL Final round of the playoffs, the matchups contain of Winnipeg vs Saskatchewan (West Final) and Hamilton vs Edmonton (East Final).

In the two games being played this coming Sunday, a total of 21 former Redblacks will either take the field or stand among the sidelines.

As Redblacks fans, you cheered for them in Red and Black, so now that the Redblacks season is no longer, you can cheer for the 21 former Redblacks this Sunday.

NFL Football

Most of CFL fans in Ottawa didn’t really have a CFL team until the Redblacks came back to Ottawa, and in that time all you had was NFL football to watch.

Now with the Redblacks in town, you can have a reason to watch NFL football. There are former Redblacks in the NFL!!!

As of the last NFL season, Brett Maher, the former Redblacks kicker made a name for himself when he beat out pro bowl kicker Dan Bailey for the Dallas Cowboys kicking job.

Along with Maher playing ball in Dallas, Diontae Spencer the former receiver/returner for the Redblacks is now a kickoff and punt returner for the Denver Broncos.

NCAA/CIS football

All of the players on CFL rosters had to go to school, and so do the future CFL players. Before seeing future CFL stars light up Canada professionally, you can watch them develop in University football.

Both the NCAA and the CIS are starting and finishing their bowl games about now, and it is the perfect time to watch these young players play at their full potential, and not only can you watch everyone play, but you can also look closer at the players among the Redblacks negotiations list.

On the Redblacks negotiations list is,

Floyd AllenWROle Miss
David BloughQBPurdue
Rashard DavisWRJames Madison
Eric DungeyQBSyracuse
Luke FalkQBWashington St
Charles HarrisDEBuffalo
Deonte HarrisWRAssumption College
Devlin HodgesQBSamford
Malik ReedDENevada
PJ WalkerQBTemple

A few of the players listed have already made their way to the NFL, although a few of the are still in NCAA games this season, so if you’d like to see who’s going to ball next for the Redblacks, you can be a scout for the off-season.

Free Agency

This season hit hard for many Redblacks fans, and a few of them already gave up on the team, but it’s way too early to give up. This season was a great learning experience not only for us fans but also the front office. After not making a lot of moves last off-season, the scouts, and managers learnt that we have to make more moves to become a better football team.

To add or replace to the team we have right now, this coming March the CFL free agency period will open once again, and the Redblacks will indeed get an identity which laced this season.

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