Sherrod Baltimore is coming back to Ottawa for 2020, Redblacks re-sign Baltimore and Gosselin

In 2017, Sherrod Baltimore came to Redblacks training camp and shocked everyone by his talent. With the talented group we had in ’17, he was granted a spot ob the Ottawa Redblacks practice squad. After moving players around on the roster, Baltimore finally earned a spot onto the Redblacks depth chart and he proved him self to be a ball hawk.

In 2017, Sherrod was awarded the Ottawa Redblacks rookie of the year award and made over 47 defensive tackles. Since then, he’s made a big name for himself in the CFL being one of the best at his position. Making a name for himself in Ottawa he will be back for a one-year contract going through 2020.

Just weeks before the final game of the CFL season last year, Baltimore and the CFL teamed up to film a documentary on his backstory and how he got to Ottawa. Visit that below.

Baltimore was asked today on what he thought of coming back and he responded, “It feels good to be back in Ottawa where I belong. Everyone in Canada knows I want to be here. We have some unfinished business to take care of and I can’t wait to get back on the field in front of the best fans in the CFL and compete for a Grey Cup with my brothers.”

In his quote he mentions the ambition to get back to another Grey Cup, and Anthony Gosselin must have the same mind set after receiving news today that he will be back in Ottawa also.

Gosselin has been in Ottawa for 3 seasons after being drafted 18th overall in the 2017 CFL Draft. Although he’s listed as a full back on the roster, Gosselin has had 0 carries in his CFL career and has only been able to catch 5 passes for 22 yards. He might not have that many big stats when it comes to his running position, but he’s been a big factor on special teams as he’s gotten over 10 special teams tackles in the 3 seasons in Ottawa.

As Marcel keeps making moves in the office at TD Place, and players are training to get better for the 2020 CFL season, you fans should be getting real excited for the 2020 CFL season with Paul LaPolice as the new Redblacks coach. Get your Ottawa Redblacks season tickets now at

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