A look in on Anthony Coombs, what he can do for the Ottawa Redblacks offense in 2020

On Tuesday of last week, the Ottawa Redblacks entered CFL free agency, and they made sure that they would have an improvement to their roster. Unlike the situation the team was in last year, Marcel Desjardins and the front office in Ottawa signed 5 players, and one of them is Anthony Coombs.

Coombs just recently played for the Hamilton Tiger Cats, where he was able to gain over 300 yards and score two touchdowns on 57 offensive touches. Coombs has been able to make a name for himself as a versatile offensive player, where he can play both running back and wide receiver.

He first played a big role on the offensive side of the ball when he was drafted by the Toronto Argonauts 3rd overall in the 2014 CFL draft. Following the draft, Coombs was put into the offense as a ratio breaker, rushing and receiving for a total of 306 all-purpose yards.

The numbers he put up in his rookie year showed nothing but great potential for the remainder of his career, and he’s done nothing but great things carrying and catching the football. Anthony Coombs, sitting at 28 years old has 6 seasons under his belt in which he’s caught 190 passes for 1,695 yards and 6 touchdowns along with scoring one rushing touchdowns a part of his 75 carries for 352 yards.

The flex position is wide open for the Ottawa Redblacks, where Coombs will have a shot at being a part of the starting receiving core and a top Canadian receiver among teammate Brad Sinopoli. Coombs would also be able to play a very similar role to fellow Canadian receiver/running back Nic Demski of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Demski was a part of Ottawa Redblacks head coach Paul LaPolice’s offense last season and the year before, where he played a flex position for LaPolice catching 103 passes, and carrying the ball 60 times for a total of 1,492 yards and 9 touchdowns over the two seasons.

Nic Demski of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, comparison for newest Redblacks receiver Anthony Coombs

As seen from the two players numbers from past seasons, Anthony Coombs who just signed with the Ottawa Redblacks on Tuesday could in fact play a big role on the Ottawa offense similar to Nic Demski when he was with Winnipeg.

One thought on “A look in on Anthony Coombs, what he can do for the Ottawa Redblacks offense in 2020

  1. My concern and don’t get me wrong, I love the RBs and have been a STH since day one. The improvments on offense aren’t enough to have them compete with Hamilton or Montreal and Toronto has been one of the most active teams in free agency.

    The defence will be much improved with a pair of DL who can get after the QB but the D’s biggest challenge last season was that the Offense couldn’t stay on the field for sustained drives which wore down the defence.

    The RBs will be improved but we’re still looking at a 6-12 record on the year. Here’s hoping for more than a single win at home…


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