Throw it back Redblacks fans, get your hands on some retro Ottawa Rough Riders gear for the 2020 CFL season

Retro Redblacks

Since 2014, the Ottawa Redblacks have had their players suit up for 115 games, and in each one of those 115 days gone by, the city of Ottawa has cheered on the Redblacks football team. The fans who all themselves R-Nation have come together as a community and made noise for all the players with an R on their helmets.

Through the years of existence, R-Nation has cheered their way to the Grey Cup 3 times, and in just the third season of franchise history, the team brought the Cup back home to Ottawa. The 2016 CFL’s 106th Grey Cup was placed in Toronto, just under 5 hours down the highway from Ottawa, and the majority of the biggest Redblacks fans and die hard members of R-Nation went to witness the history of the Ottawa Redblacks. For all of you Redblacks fans that have made noise for the team since day one in 2014, the team is thankful for you, without R-Nation, the Ottawa Redblacks wouldn’t have 3 Grey Cup appearances and a Grey Cup ring. Now that you (R-Nation) have treated the Ottawa Redblacks in winning almost 50 franchise games, it’s your turn to treat yourselves with some Ottawa retro football gear.

A part of R-Nation is Brendon Valois, an ordinary Ottawa resident, but his closet is full of Ottawa throwback football gear. Brendon, has ran an instagram account where he sells retro sports gear, and of all the gear he’s been able to collect over the years, he’s got a lot of Ottawa Rough Riders gear.

Last season, the Ottawa Redblacks had a retro game, where the players and coaches represented the old logo on their clothing, although the fans weren’t exactly included into this celebration. This year, when Retro night comes, you’d love to wear some retro football gear that used to be worn here at TD Place, so get your hands on some of the gear Brendon has to offer.

Below, you’ll be able to find the majority of Brendon’s Ottawa Rough Riders collection, although if you’d like to see more, or even purchase from Brendon, feel free to message him on instagram at and along with an email finding him at Happy shopping!

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