Ottawa Redblacks and Jean-Christophe Beaulieu part ways, Redblacks cut fullback J.C Beaulieu

After hitting free-agency and coming close to the cap, the Ottawa Redblacks cut fullback J.C Beaulieu to create space on the roster as well as free cap space. The long-time CFLer has been a part of two teams, having a 4 year career with the Alouettes and of course a 2 year tenure in Ottawa.

Beaulieu was traded for with Pat Lavoie in the 2018 off-season and has been with the Redblacks since. In the two years he spent here for the Redblacks he carried the ball once for 4 yards as well as catching 33 of 47 targets for 371 yards and 2 touchdowns.

This move made by the Redblacks shouldn’t make too much of an impact on the team as in past seasons Paul LaPolice hasn’t used a fullback in his offensive system, although if he does need or ant one he has both Anthony Gosselin and Gabriel Polan on the roster going into 2020.

The only impact the move could make is what it can do long term, if the Redblacks did this to create cap space; the team could make a move on a free agent in the next days as there is still loads of talent left on the market.

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