Nearing the end of the CFL off-season, will the Ottawa Redblacks bring back Canadian receiver Nate Behar?

This past CFL season was tough for the Ottawa Redblacks on all cylinders and in the down year the players didn’t exactly put up the big numbers their used to. Among the players that were found struggling in 2019 was Nate Behar, a Canadian receiver born and raised in London, Ontario.

Calgary Stampeders vs Ottawa REDBLACKS July 25, 2019 PHOTO: Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photography

The London native was drafted 5th overall in the 2017 CFL draft to the Edmonton Eskimos where he was able to spend 2 seasons before coming back to where his career started.

When he was initially drafted into the CFL he was drafted out of Carleton University in Ottawa. As a Raven, Behar made a name for himself in the streets of Ottawa most famously for his hail-mary catch to win the 2014 Panda Game over the Ottawa Gee-Gees. In total, Nate Behar caught 187 passes for 2,577 yards and 21 touchdowns. As mentioned, these numbers earned Behar a ticket to Edmonton to play for the Eskimos.

In Edmonton, the Canadian receiver played 12 games in his rookie year mostly playing special teams getting 4 special teams tackles and no catches. Going without a catch isn’t the best of things for a receiver and was rare for a player drafted in the first round, although after playing with the team for a full season, Behar was put into the offensive system.

After a somewhat disappointing season in 2017, Behar bounced back in his second year in the CFL. He came back to play a full 18 game season, catching 27 passes for 257 yards and his first career touchdown. This season opened eyes as Behar wen into the free agency market unsigned by the Eskimos.

Going un-signed by Edmonton wasn’t the worst thing that could happen for Behar as he was signed by the Ottawa Redblacks where he’d be able to re-unite with his University roommate Justin Howell. Along with coming back to Howell, Behar was back in the city that his professional career started when he played University at Carleton.

Photo: Val Wutti/Carleton Ravens

As mentioned, the 2019 season didn’t go as planned for both the Redblacks nor Behar. In the 3-15 season, Behar touched the ball just 16 times gaining 169 yards and no touchdowns. Sure, he had a down year but so did the Ottawa Redblacks as a group and you can’t define Nate Behar from that season.

At 25 years old, Behar brings incredible Canadian talent which is great depth behind both Brad Sinopoli and Anthony Coombs. Even-though he had just 169 yards a year ago, I don’t see why he doesn’t come back to Ottawa to bounce back in 2020 with the Ottawa Redblacks.

Stay tuned to see if Behar stays for the 2020 season at

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