JP Bolduc and his girlfriend help flatten the curve by making and selling face masks

The last few weeks have been very tough for people world-wide. Corona-virus has postponed the start of the CFL season, meaning the players will not be able to star on the field but that hasn’t stopped them from being stars off the field.

Throughout the past days, JP Bolduc’s girlfriend has transitioned her Montreal based women’s clothing brand into a helpful company during these tough times. In the past couple of weeks, people all over the world have had their troubles finding masks and gloves to help prevent them getting the virus but with help from Melissa Desmarais (Bolduc’s girlfriend) who has added face masks to her store collections.

As he takes over the Ottawa Redblacks Instagram story on Friday, JP gives a little shout-out to the idea while he helps her make the masks from home.

Go checkout the link attached to the image below where you’ll be able to buy your face masks to help prevent the virus from spreading to you.

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