Ottawa Redblacks’ draft pick, Adam Auclair follows big brother’s footsteps to professional football

In last week’s CFL draft the Ottawa Redblacks improved heavily on the defensive side of the ball and one of their biggest pickups came from the first round where they drafted a stud linebacker in Adam Auclair. There is a lot of uncertainty of where Auclair will play on Ottawa’s defense because of just how athletically gifted he is. Coming from Laval, Auclair played all over the place on defense and showed just how good of a player he is and being picked 6th overall by the Ottawa Redblacks’ he’s proven to be a big name player in the CFL’s future but he wouldn’t be where he is without the upbringing he has in the game of football.

Getting drafted by the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks, there were a lot of emotions in Adam Auclair’s household although it wasn’t their first draft experience. In 2017, Adam’s brother Anthony was selected by the Saskatchewan Rough-Riders. He has made a name for himself with the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the last couple of seasons and even-though Adam isn’t in the NFL he is very appreciative of his brother and being able to go and do similar things as him. Auclair comments, “When I saw him go through it, I was so proud of him because of the work he had put in to get there and to go through the same process this year he taught me a lot on how to work, get prepared and all that.”

With that said, Auclair’s brother Anthony has suited up 32 times since leaving Laval to the NFL and has caught 10 passes for 84 yards. Adam on the other side will be suiting up for the first time when the 2020 CFL season kicks off. Stay tuned for more on Adam Auclair!

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