Jordan Zlomislic’s appearance on “The Route” A Sports Business Podcast hosted by Christopher Nascimento

Over the last two years I have been continuously working on being the best I can be. Whether it is writing articles for my Ottawa Redblacks website which I started in April of 2019, doing interviews with CFL players like Sherrod Baltimore and Jonathan Rose, filming videos, editing documentaries or even talking on podcasts and sports shows I make sure to be the best I can be. I have played football since I was 6 years old and from playing sports as a kid and just in life in general I’ve built a very competitive mindset where I want to accomplish a lot in life. To make that happen, I have to obviously continue to work on my craft and I have to create opportunities for myself as well.

Among the recent opportunities I have had over the last while is an amazing opportunity to be able to sit down with “The Route” Sports Business Podcast host Christopher Nascimento. Nascimento, owner of White Whale Marketing has accomplished a lot himself and I was thrilled to talk to him about my “Route” to where I am today, look back at some of my favourite moments over my short career so far as well as talk about some projects I’ve worked on and will be working on.

Listen to the full conversation using the link connected to the photo below or this link here,–Jordan-Zlomislic–JZ-Media-eokscl

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