Sherrod Baltimore gets re-signed by the Ottawa Redblacks and is, “Thankful and ready to compete”

Sherrod Baltimore and LP Bourassa celebrating an interception in the 2018 CFL East Final, photo by Robert Greeley

Since the Ottawa Redblacks entered the CFL in 2014, one of the team’s most valuable assets has been their defensive secondary and leading up to today they are continuing to grow as a group. The defensive backs room may have changed since the inaugural season, with the team having Jovon Johnson, Antoine Pruneau, Jerrell Gavins, Brandyn Thomopson, Jermaine Robinson, Eric Fraser and Abdul Kanneh, though it hasn’t changed for the worse, its changed for the better and there is a lot of potential going forward with the defensive backs that the team has. Leading into the future, the Ottawa Redblacks look to have Antoine Pruneau and Abdul Kanneh back who did spend 2014 with the team as well but also will have young players like Justin Howell, Randall Evans, Corey Tindal, Gump Hayes, Brandin Dandridge, DeAndre Farris and the eye opening player from the defensive back room, Sherrod Baltimore. Baltimore has been with the Ottawa Redblacks since 2017 and it is clear that he has been one of the Redblacks’ best players since joining the team, from winning Rookie of the Year all the way to having a Grey Cup interception there is no doubting that he will be able to be the Redblacks’ number one cornerback moving forward.

My interview with Sherrod Baltimore from last off-season

Being the number one cornerback is something we can see moving forward and in the potential 2021 CFL season Sherrod Baltimore will be able to be in that position. After losing players like Jonathan Rose and Chris Randle over this long off-season, there is a perfect hole for Baltimore to fill going into the future and the hole will be filled with Sherrod Baltimore now being re-signed by the Redblacks. Making 93 tackles, intercepting 4 passes and having two fumbles in the 42 games played in red and black Baltimore has made a large impact, helping the team succeed and he is very thankful for the opportunity to be back in the city. When asked about the contract which brings him back to the Ottawa Redblacks for what will be his fourth CFL season Sherrod Baltimore said, “I’m thankful for this opportunity. Marcel (Desjardins), OSEG (Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group), the owners, Roger Greenberg, coach LaPolice, Benevides, coach Dyce, JM (Edme, Redblacks scout), Redblacks fans and the community and the city of Ottawa, thank you for everything.” and he continues, “I’m very thankful for this all but I’m just ready to compete.” Baltimore, like many, hasn’t played football in over a full calendar year and “ready to compete” is an understatement when you talk about how excited he will be to be back on the field in 2021, “I’m going to be sliding all over, I’m excited to be able to play football again.” said Sherrod Baltimore, “Its been a long time coming, and we are close to having the season for 2021. I’m staying ready for it so I don’t have to get ready.”

Sherrod Baltimore, like mentioned, has been a large part of the Ottawa Redblacks since he came to the team in 2017 and thats led to a lot of great things. He has put on a show on the field, making play after play on the defensive side of the ball although like many of his relationships with his teammates, like his relationship with Jonathan Rose, his show goes on off of the field as well, in the city of Ottawa. Over the past 4 years that he has been in Ottawa, Sherrod Baltimore has of course made the impact on the field for the Ottawa Redblacks, but has also built his name as a fan favourite in the city and has been a perfect role model for young football fans in Ottawa, “Sherrod isn’t like your average professional athlete.” Said St Matthews High School Football coach Jean Sorphia Guillaume in the documentary ‘The Journey From The 613’ partially directed by Sherrod Baltimore, “He is in the community non stop. He makes it clear that he isn’t about the fame and as a coach in the city it makes me happy to see what he does. When he comes to coach the kids you can see it in the kids eyes and faces that they are excited to have him out there. As much as he is a professional athlete he has regular conversations with kids and its amazing to see.” Baltimore, in the city of Ottawa has already done a lot, from working on documentaries within the city to helping kids in need its shown that his presence in Ottawa helps outside of just football and now that he knows he will be back in Ottawa for a little longer he wants to build off of what he’s done thus far.

“I haven’t been on another team in the CFL or even professionally so I am thankful to be able to come back to Ottawa.” Said Sherrod Baltimore, “It feels good to have the contract done, I can stop thinking about that now and I want to plan more and prepare to do more in Ottawa.” With the pandemic we are in now and all that the city of Ottawa has gone through over the time period, having Sherrod Baltimore around has helped put smiles on peoples faces and with him back in Ottawa we will be seeing a lot more smiles because of his work on and off of the field. “I’ve been training a lot, getting ready to be the best player of my ability when the season comes around and when the lockdown is done I have to do something in the community. I want to have more fundraisers and community events where I can be in the city in the future.”

Photo of Sherrod Baltimore taken by Rich Lambert

With the re-signing of Sherrod Baltimore, the Ottawa Redblacks won in so many ways. Not only did they get a great player back, but they got a great person as well. In order to have a CFL season this year for 2021 and to continue to have success in the CFL Sherrod Baltimore has a message for all Redblacks’ fans, “I haven’t played football in over a year, I want to get on that field so badly so I’m just going to continue to make sure I do my part, wearing my masks and I hope RNation (is) wearing their masks too!”

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