Ottawa Redblacks release defensive linemen Conner Flagel and Bryson Young; Daniel Omara and Frank Beltre on now at practice

As the Ottawa Redblacks wind down week one of CFL training camp the team has announced that they have released two defensive linemen and have added two to their active roster. Defensive tackle Conner Flagel was cut as well as defensive end Bryson Young. The team has since added Daniel Omara and Frank Beltre onto their active roster from the suspended list.

Frank Beltre is an experienced defensive end, having played for both the Calgary Stampeders and Toronto Argonauts previously in his career, most recently being looked at as one of the premier special teams players in the league with the Argonauts. He looks to shine alongside other defensive ends Avery Ellis, Stansly Maponga, Praise Martin-Oguike, Ese Mrabure, Kene Onyeka and Reshaan Davis on the Redblacks meanwhile Daniel Omara, who was signed the day that centre Alex Mateas announced his retirement looks to make it onto the starting offensive line. He is among Na’ty Rodgers, Brandon Hitner, Jakub Szott, Tyler Catalina, Jamar McGloster, Ketel Asse and others in doing so.

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