“I see this being a premier company in sports by the end of 2021.” co-founder of Personal Corner Dan McCreesh beyond excited to help grow with Dez Bryant

“Romo drops back… looking to his right… he finds Dez Bryant in the end zone… what a catch, touchdown Dallas.”

For many, when the name Dez Bryant comes up they think of a football player and what comes to mind first is a picture of him wearing his NFL Dallas Cowboys uniform, but for Dan McCreesh that isn’t all that comes to mind when he hears the name. Making a name for himself in navy blue and silver, Bryant caught 909 passes with the Cowboys over 113 regular season games, gaining a total 7,459 yards and scoring 73 touchdowns in the air and McCreesh knows all about it. He was a New York Giants fan growing up in South Plainfield, New Jersey but after hearing from the star NFL receiver just under two weeks ago in his Instagram direct messages McCreesh now thinks of a lot more than just a football player when the name Dez Bryant comes up.

McCreesh, who is from New Jersey and has found himself in the business side of sports for a few years now since he and former NBA player and current ESPN analyst Jay Williams formerly launched a data analytics startup together in Simatree. Jay Williams is one of the main pioneers of leading the Sports/Business intersection – as a former host of “The Boardroom”. So McCreesh has quite the pedigree so far of strategically positioning himself within the right lanes in this Sports x Business ecosystem, now being able to work with more athletes and brand exposures including Dez Bryant. Bryant reached out to McCreesh just under two weeks ago through Instagram, writing in a direct message “Yo what’s your number?” Getting this message got him excited to see what was in store with he and Bryant. They later connected on a Zoom where Bryant informed him that he’d like for him to be flown to Dallas the very next day however his wife was in a wedding the next day so he had to arrange his flight to Dallas after the wedding. It’s not every day that you have an NFL great messaging you to fly to him and work together so McCreesh jumped on the opportunity, come to realize that Dez Bryant had been working on the company he is getting Dan McCreesh’s help with for over two years.

That company is Personal Corner, a company for athletes, by athletes that gives athletes of all levels, high school, college and professional the opportunity to not only be the athlete they dream of being on the field, on the court, in the ring, in the water or on the ice but also the influencer and entrepreneur they dream of being outside of sports. It has been something that Bryant has visioned for some time now, having worked on the vision for years now but with the rule change in the NCAA, and athletes of all levels now allowed to profit off of their name, image and likeness its as of recently that he has taken full action on putting everything he has worked on out to the public and doing so the right way. Being able to do it the right way, on social media and in business Dez Bryant has Dan McCreesh helping out as a co-founder. McCreesh flew to Dallas following his encounter with Bryant on Instagram and mentioned in an interview with JZ Media’s Jordan Zlomislic, “He’s been building this for over 2 years. Nobody really knew that. I didn’t know that before I came to Dallas and when he rolled out the technology platform to me it was mind-blowing. He has put. a lot of time, energy and resources into this, he just needed the guy to lead it and thats where I come in.” McCreesh continued, “The platform is outstanding.”

Along with both Dez Bryant and Dan McCreesh who are each found at the top of the Personal Corner name brand, there are about a dozen others working on the development of the company, and soon to be more as Bryant gets busy with his 10th NFL season. McCreesh says, “The timing of me coming on board with this is all great because Dez has been training for football and will be on an NFL team this season so he won’t be able to do as much as he has done recently with the company. There is about 15-16 of us on the team right now but we are planning on doing a hiring day soon where we’ll be acquiring another 40 so people.” Unlike other companies out there, Personal Corner didn’t start out with hundreds of employees with the same vision. For the longest time it has been Dez Bryant and Dez Bryant alone, but with McCreesh and others involved now, it could benefit the company moving forward to attack on not only one or two different visions that Bryant may have but several visions from the entire team. McCreesh’s vision behind Personal Corner and everything else he does in the business side of sports, finishing Jerry Maguire’s story. “I think I want to relate this as much to finishing Jerry Maguire’s story as possible. He believed in doing right by the athlete, and he left a big firm to follow that vision, I don’t mean to talk down the agent because it is very much a hustle but I think doing right and adding value to the player is the creme and we have the opportunity to partner with the agents and agencies, there’s the opportunity to partner with the brands, there’s the opportunity to intersect and integrate fans, players and brands together under one roof where they are all under one ecosystem, we are creating an athlete community and that athlete community will be unmatched given the opportunity to build brands and build behind those brands for athletes of all levels.”

The athlete community that both Dez Bryant and Daniel McCreesh have each helped build the base of at Personal Corner is unmatched, one reason being is the work ethic and passion behind those a part of it all. As a co-founder, McCreesh shows his passion for finishing that Jerry Maguire movie storyline, not as an agent representing Rod Tidwell but as a sports business man at Personal Corner with Dez Bryant and Bryant himself has showed his passion throughout his entire football career, beginning with his time at Oklahoma State University and being drafted 24th overall by the Dallas Cowboys in the 2010 NFL Draft. His passion hasn’t always been viewed as a positive attribute on NFL sidelines, however it is something that is needed in this day and age. Passion is everything in everything you do, and Bryant has shown passion in Personal Corner, like he has with his football career he has invested a lot of time and money, close to one and a half million dollars already according to his social media posts and if he has the passion towards the company, has invested time and money towards it and a lot of it, the sky is the limit for Personal Corner and the vision attached to it for each individual involved. When asked about his expectations for the company McCreesh told Zlomislic of JZ Media, “This is going to sound crazy but I see this being one of the premier companies in sports by the end of 2021. I would like to see the world find more ways to collaborate than to push back against. We are willing to work with everybody and anybody that can benefit from what we have started and that we can potentially benefit from too. That is where I see us separating from other people that have visions of helping athletes because a lot of people shy away from opportunities of working with other people.”

Bryant added, reading the article, “Sooner than that.” meaning he believes the company will reach that status in sports even sooner than the end of the year.

Unlike other companies out there, Personal Corner has been able to do the dirty work, networking with athletes and brands out there and actually want to network and benefit athletes out there. The slogan is “for athletes, by athletes” not “for the company to make money, by business men” for a reason and that is something Dez Bryant has capitalized on, being able to do a lot of work himself, even the networking which could be difficult for many to do. “We’ve put our money where our mouth is, especially Dez. He has been amazing to work with and he is a great leader for this company. Dez has no problem reaching out to people, he’s actually one of the best networkers that I’ve ever met which is extremely hard to find in the pro sports world but its a main reason why I am doing what I am with him and it is cool to see his brand evolve because Dez 3.0 is here and he is going to be the revolutionizer and the person that gives the power back to the players. It’s going to be exciting to be a part of that train.”

That train that McCreesh is on with Bryant is going full steam ahead and is ready to take over the entire sports industry for the athlete’s benefits. See everything Personal Corner related on social media NOW and be sure to watch the brand grow into an entire lifestyle for many.

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