Ottawa Redblacks and general manager Marcel Desjardins partways, what is next in the capital?

The Ottawa Redblacks and the city of Ottawa have now been a part of the CFL once again for 7 seasons and 9 full calendar years. Over the years the capital of Canada has seen 3 Grey Cup appearances, including the 2016 Grey Cup victory in Toronto and have been in front of a very successful CFL franchise since the rebirth of Ottawa’s team. In the front lines of all of the success through the 9 years and 7 seasons has been general manager Marcel Desjardins and following a 2019 CFL season where the team fell to 3-15 and a 2021 season where they have fallen out of playoff contention yet again it has been announced that the Ottawa Redblacks and Marcel Desjardins have parted ways. Monday marks a sad day in Ottawa Redblacks history as fans, players, coaches and staff look back at all that Desjardins brought to this city. Being the first ever general manager for the franchise, Marcel Desjardins started from scratch with the Ottawa Redblacks and built a roster that went to two straight Grey Cups in just one year. It will forever be an incredible thing to look back on in Ottawa sports history, but one thing about the sports business is that the past doesn’t really matter if you haven’t succeeded recently, it is a “what have you done for me lately” business and the Ottawa Redblacks organization are moving forward from general manager Marcel Desjardins and have all eyes on success in the coming years.

When asked about the firing of general manager Marcel Desjardins, owner of the Ottawa Redblacks Mark Goudie had mentioned ”Marcel was the first employee hired by the REDBLACKS back in 2013” said Mark Goudie, President & CEO, Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group (OSEG).  “He has put everything that he has into our organization.  His many accomplishments include bringing Ottawa its first Grey Cup win in 40 years.   I respect Marcel very much and thank him for his unwavering commitment to the REDBLACKS, RNation and our community.”

In the mean time, both Jeremy Snyder who has been with the team since 2013 and Jean Marc Edmé who has been in Ottawa since 2016 will be at the head of the Ottawa Redblacks front office but Goudie does expect to be on the lookout for a new general manager soon. The permanent general manager may come from within with Snyder or Edmé because of the great work the two have done over their time spent with the Redblacks and it shouldn’t be a surprise if that were to happen, however fans and media have been putting their own ideas out on social media. The names Geroy Simon, Danny McManus, Chris Jones, Neil McEvoy, John Murphy, Jim Popp, Jim Barker, and Marc Trestman are just some of the many names mentioned thus far and as the Ottawa Redblacks approach the final last three games of the 2021 CFL season there are a number of decisions expected to be made that will impact the future.

Ottawa will face the Calgary Stampeders, Toronto Argonauts and Montreal Alouettes to close the 2021 season.

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