Ottawa Redblacks announce front office staff for 2022 CFL season

On October 25th 2021 the CFL’s Ottawa Redblacks and long time general manager Marcel Desjardins parted ways. Desjardins, who was with the Redblacks since day one in 2013 was the only general manager and the only man in charge that the franchise knew until Shawn Burke was brought in.

Burke was hired by the Redblacks just before Christmas, and although he’s yet to make any headline moves as the general manager of the Ottawa Redblacks, he has gotten himself his front office staff for the future.

Staying in Ottawa from the 2021 staff and previous years are both Jeremy Snyder and Phillippe Moreau. Snyder will serve as the team’s assistant general manager, and Moreau will be the professional/college scout. Along with them both, entering the nation’s capital with Shawn Burke will be Brendan Taman and Chad Hudson.

Brendan Taman has been working in the CFL since 1987. He’s spent time with the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Montreal Alouettes, Ottawa Rough Riders, and Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Taman will serve as the Redblacks’ director of professional personnel.

Chad Hudson has spent the last 13 years with the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the CFL after time spent with the Montreal Alouettes as well as the University of Regina’s football program. He’ll take on the role as director of Canadian scouting as well as football analytics.

Peter Power/

“We’re excited to move forward into next season with a passionate and experienced group of football minds in our front office,” said Burke in the Redblacks’ press release on Monday. “Jeremy and Philippe have been key pieces of the REDBLACKS family for several years, while Brendan and Chad will bring in a fresh outlook and decades of CFL experience to our family.”

By hiring both Taman and Hudson, the Redblacks have also announced that they’ve parted ways with Jean-Marc Edme and Pier-Yves Lavergne from their front office. The two former Redblacks’ staff members had large roles in Ottawa’s front office, Edme was known for bringing in a lot of talent, including Sherrod Baltimore and DeVonte Dedmon who are both looked at to be fan favourites in the nation’s capital. He and Lavergne will leave Ottawa after great careers in the city and a long future full of success ahead of them both.

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