J.P Cimankinda, Khadeem Pierre among Ottawa football players invited to CFL combines

Over the years we have seen a large growth of football talent in the nation’s capital. There has simply been a lot more football players make it out of Ottawa recently, than ever before. A couple of names coming out of Ottawa and making it into the pros in football this year that can back up that fact would include Jesse Luketa, Luiji Vilain, Katley Joseph, Liam Dobson, Chris Fournier and Patrice Rene who are all ready to attack the NFL if the opportunity comes up. Also set to become professional athletes, from Ottawa originally, or guys that played in the city for University would be J.P Cimankinda, Khadeem Pierre, Tristin Park, Jonathan Eduoard, Keaton Bruggeling, Sandor Mod, Frednick Eveillard, Chris Ciguineau, Bryan Latouche, Michael Pezzuto and Zachary Pelehos who have all been invited to CFL combines this year.

Of those on the list, the biggest may just be J.P Cimankinda. Cimankinda is an Ottawa raised, 6-foot-1, 225 pound running back coming out of the University of Ottawa. He is coming off of a good season in 2021 where he had 426 yards on 76 carries in a limited number of snaps along with 221 additional yards in two playoff games. As a proven power back with speed at the collegiate level, Cimankinda has a lot of potential moving into the pros, and with eligibility remaining to play more at the University of Ottawa, there’s a chance he stays one more year and then makes his impact in the CFL.

Then there is Khadeem Pierre, a 6-foot-1, 190 pound defensive back originally from Ottawa and now a former Concordia Stinger. In 2021 he made 30 total tackles and had one interception with the Stingers and is ready to make his mark in the CFL in 2022 with whatever team wants to show interest in him.

The CFL combine season will kickoff on March 10th and will conclude at the end of March before the May 3rd CFL Draft filled with talent.

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