“I’m all locked in.” Robert Morris defensive back Shakespeare Louis is focused on being great in 2022

In 2021, Shakespeare Louis, a haitian-born, Ottawa-raised football player stepped foot on the Robert Morris University campus for the first time. He stepped on the campus for the first time as a student athlete with big dreams on and off the football field.

On the football field, Louis has top notch potential as a versatile defensive back, with the ability to play nearly every position in the secondary and take on any role as well. Since he started playing football in grade nine in Ottawa he has been dominate on the field, and not only against Canadian competition. In 2019 and 2020 he showed his worth south of the border at Clearwater Academy International making 85 tackles, 6 interceptions and scoring 2 touchdowns in 15 games over the two seasons. With his ability to play anywhere on defence, he opened a lot of eyes while down south. Sports Illustrated All-American writer John Garcia Jr told Zlomislic back in 2020 that, “He’s a hybrid player. He played a lot of defensive back and did a lot of coverage at CAI this year and last year but he has the ability to do a lot. When you look at him he looks like a linebacker and he uses his size to play across the board, he can go into coverage and play safety and defensive back but he also can be a linebacker, he has great potential at nickel.”

He also opened the eyes of a number of coaches from his play on the field, including the defensive coordinator at Robert Morris, where he eventually signed to and is now playing at. Dave Plungas was impressed with his physicality, “He is super tough. He’s got that exact mindset that you want in a player and on top of that he is both mentally and physically tough.” He said, “This season he had a knee injury and it could have easily sidelined him for the season but he didn’t let that happen. He played a few games with a brace on and we liked what we saw out of him even with that brace.”

In 2021, he wasn’t really able to capitalize on the opportunity as a division one athlete, as he was a redshirt freshman, however he was still able to have a presence on campus in the class room and had the opportunity to adjust to the division one lifestyle. He said, “I’m very focused on school right now, and really my life off of the field too. I’m trying to make the most of the opportunity I have here, on the field with football of course and in the weight room but also off of it with my education, and the opportunity to become a better person. I’m all locked in right now to being the best I can in all aspects.”

Being the best is what everyone should be achieving the be, and for Louis, it is something that he looks to obtain over his life, during his football career and post his football career as well. Talking with JZ Media’s Jordan Zlomislic he talked about his interests off of the field and some things he is interested in doing following his football career. He told Zlomislic, “Before I got to Clearwater I didn’t really know what my passions were off of the field and what I wanted to get into for school, but I ended up learning more about business and some different forms of it, I’m interested in growing a business so I’m studying some business marketing and I’m also learning more about the stock market. I’m really learning a lot of things that can open doors for me in the future. Getting a lot of new skills that I’m excited about.”

His goals right now are to maintain his 3.5 GPA, finish the year on the honour roll, and continue to get better on the field, eventually start for Robert Morris, where he’d then make a large impact on the field.

Louis also gave JZ Media some insight as to who he is as a person and some things he likes to do off the field.

His top 5 foods include any Haitian food, Lasagna, Shawarma, Mango and Cheese Pie. His favourite artists are Lil Baby, Lil Durk, Babyface Ray, A Boogie With A Hoodie, and Rylo Rodriguez, he said, “my AirPods are always in.” and right now he is watching “Power” and “Ozark”.

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