Ottawa’s Katley Joseph takes next steps to become a professional football player

On April 4th, Ottawa born and raised defensive back Katley Joseph made a trip down to Maine University for the first time since he had torn his meniscus in August of 2021. The purpose of the trip was to showcase his talents to professional teams from the NFL, CFL, XFL and USFL at the Maine University Pro Day as he is back healthy, and better than ever, taking his next steps to become a professional football player.

He was among three Canadians taking part in the Black Bears’ Pro Day this year, being alongside both Shaquille St Lot and Deshawn Stevens. For Joseph, the Pro Day wasn’t all that flashy. His name didn’t break headlines for running a record breaking 40 yard dash, or for jumping out of the gym, but he did put himself on the map. After taking part in the 2022 Maine University Pro Day, performing in front of professional scouts, his name is now known across every single building in the professional football world.

Joseph has worked his entire life to get to this point, and is focused on one thing, and one thing only right now; playing football.

The Pro Day, and all of these off-season activities look cool on TV and it is a great way to get exposure if you perform well at them, however one thing that these activities are not, is football. Joseph has been sidelined the past two seasons at Maine, so when he hits a field for the first time as a professional athlete in May, it will also be the first time that he plays in a game since 2019. In 2020 he opted out of the COVID-19 filled NCAA season, and in 2021 he suffered a torn meniscus which took him out of contention for the Black Bears. Graduating from University on May 8th, Joseph briefly considered going back for the eligibility he has left in University, but at 23 years old he is ready to be a professional athlete now.

On the football side of things, he performed extremely well in the few defensive back specific drills at the Maine University Pro Day, and it all goes to show what he’s been working in since he last hit the field back in 2019. Having worked hard each and every day for the last two years and more to be not only the best defensive back of his abilities, but to be the best man possible off of the football field as well, Joseph is ready to prove what he can do on and off of the field as a professional football player.

Right now he is looked at to be a sleeper in the 2022 CFL Draft, but those that know Joseph and have watched him play before know that he is a first round talent, and could beat out all of the other defensive backs in this year’s Draft. He was a true freshman All-American in 2018, and put everything he did as a freshman on repeat for his sophomore campaign. If he had played the last two years, he may be looked at as an NFL Draft prospect alongside fellow Black Bear Andre Miller.

From the outside looking in, the journey Joseph has taken to get to this point in his football career may seem different, dating back to his time at St Matthew’s Catholic High School in Ottawa to right now. But that is because it is different, and each and every difference he has overcome has only made him better in football and outside of it.

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