“Its going to be a big year.” B.C Lions receiver Dominique Rhymes set to win on and off of the field in 2022

During the 2021-2022 CFL off-season, B.C Lions wide receiver Dominique Rhymes started a YouTube channel.

Attempting to gather attention around his name, and enough to build his brand more, Rhymes has started to post content around who he is as a person off of the football field, and is hoping to start a trend across the CFL for more players to create content and build their brands.

Rhymes is doing this at a good time. With a big football season on the way for himself and the B.C Lions, there will be plenty of talk around who Dominique Rhymes is, or who his teammates are. If he is able to keep up with the channel, he can answer all of the questions that fans may have during the 2022 CFL season, and show some content that has never been seen before in the CFL.

In 2021 Rhymes, in his first year with the Lions played in a limited 8 of 14 games. He ended up hauling in 28 passes for 411 yards and a score, really making the most of each moment he was on the field. With a 1,000 yard season behind him from his time in Ottawa, and a lot of inspiration for the upcoming year, Dominique Rhymes should be a player to keep eyes on across the CFL this season, especially with big time playmakers like Lucky Whitehead and Bryan Burnham around him. Young Canadian quarterback Nathan Rourke will be having a blast this season slinging the rock to these guys.

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