Football player by day, creative by night; Rodney Owens’ interest in media grows with startup “Raw Visionary”

The University of Memphis Tigers’ defensive back Rodney Owens is in his fourth season with the Tigers. Over the last three seasons he made a total 134 tackles, 16 pass breakups, 8 tackles for loss, 5 interceptions, 4 sacks and one force fumble. He came into Memphis from Iowa Western Community College in 2019 and has had quite the journey leading up to this final season of college football, but the journey is not over for Owens.

The 23 year old Nashville, Tennessee native could very well crack his way into the NFL after this season, and if he does he will reach his next goal as a football player, but it will also open up a great window to something he wants to do off of the football field.

Outside of playing defensive back for the University of Memphis, Rodney Owens is a very creative mind, and he always has been. Even going back before his days at Louisville, and Iowa Western, he remembers taking photos of cars as a kid. It was a hobby of his, and something he found cool, but now as he has reached higher levels of football he has realized that it could very well become more than just a hobby later down the road. He is interested in making a career for himself in the media space, and no, he doesn’t want to just do it when he is done playing football, but he is on his way to start his career as a creative now, while he is playing at the University of Memphis.

Owens has started up his own multimedia platform “Raw Visionary Entertainment” ink collaboration with his brothers Malik and Rashad who also play football at the NCAA level, Malik is a receiver at Eastern Kentucky, and Rashad is a defensive back at Lindsey Wilson College. The platform is just in the mix of being launched officially, however with interest in all kinds of media from photography to written blogs, to even sit down interviews and highlight tapes, you can expect a lot from Owens and his company in the future.

Rodney Owens taking photos at University of Memphis Women’s Soccer game

On Thursday night he was with JZ Media’s Jordan Zlomislic and Landon Persigner of Memphis Football taking photos at the University of Memphis Women’s Soccer game and had a fantastic time, remembering why he wanted to get into the media field again. Be on the lookout for some Rodney Owens content coming soon, and creatives out there, beware, your jobs are on the line.

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