Miguel and Diego Camboia; being Canadians at Mobile Christian School

In 2022 it is a common theme for Canadian athletes to cross the Canada-USA border to pursue a career in their sport. From hockey, to track and field and all of the sports in between, the United States of America, as corny as it sounds is looked at to be the land of opportunity for athletes. Within the sport of football, a lot of Canadians tend to go to prep schools or boarding schools in America to further their careers in football.

These schools typically provide better coaching, development, exposure and opportunities than any places in Canada. Schools like IMG Academy have become more and more popular because of the success they have had with international student athletes, and the opportunities they have given athletes from around the world, but there are also a number of athletes that have crossed the border without going to a boarding school the traditional way. Two players that fit that exact description, and attend Mobile Christian School in Mobile, Alabama are both Miguel and Diego Camboia.

The Camboia brothers were born and raised in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. They were introduced to the game of football through their father, Chris, who played football at Toledo University (coached by Nick Saban at the time) and in the CFL, and it didn’t take long after their introduction to the sport for them both to get serious about it. Each of them saw the bigger picture within the game of football early on in their playing careers, starting up with the Woodstock Wolverines, and now continuing with the Mobile Christian Leopards, a jump not many would be able to make, but they’ have’ve made the jump, and have done so successfully. Miguel Camboia, a senior quarterback is in year three at Mobile Christian and has not only had a great time at the school, enjoying his time as a student, athlete and a citizen of the United States, but he’s also been playing the best football he’s ever played and he’s getting recognized for it. Being coached by coach Ronnie Cottrell for the Leopards, Miguel has been able to visit, and talk to a number of coaches at division one football programs across the country including Maryland where he has been offered a scholarship, a scholarship he once dreamed of getting, and something he had on his mind when he made the move to Mobile.

Making that move to Mobile, as easy as it may sound to some from the outside looking in, took a lot of sacrifices. It was a big leap of faith for Miguel during the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020, and he wouldn’t want to have made such a big leap of faith without getting what he wants out of it. What he wants would be a long playing career within the game of football, starting off with the opportunity to play high level college ball, leading towards a professional career in the NFL.

Some could say he’s already at that point considering his offer from the University of Maryland, but like his younger brother Diego who joined him at Mobile Christian, Miguel Camboia is focused on getting better, and getting the best opportunity possible. In interviews with Jordan Zlomislic of JZ Media, the brothers from Woodstock told their stories, and explained why they are both in Mobile, Alabama, pursuing careers in football.

The interviews can be seen through the YouTube link above, and will be available on JZ Media’s social media channels as well. For more regarding class of 2023, senior quarterback Miguel Camboia you can visit his twitter attached, and same with class of 2024 offensive lineman Diego Camboia here.

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