Sherrod Baltimore’s 2022 Ottawa Redblacks highlight reel

Over the 2022 CFL season, Ottawa Redblacks defensive back, number 27 Sherrod Baltimore made a positive impact in every way possible, on and off of the field.

Baltimore has been known to be a big part of the community in Ottawa since he arrived in 2017. From what he’s done with the Ottawa Redblacks and OSEG to the involvement on his own, his smile has become known across the city, but so has a lot of the plays he’s made.

In 2018 he had 4 interceptions, two of which coming in the playoffs, one in the Grey Cup, and just this past season, despite not getting an interception, Baltimore may have had the best season yet. To see what he did in 2022 with the Ottawa Redblacks click on the YouTube link below to watch his JZ Media highlight reel.

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