Episode 2 of “The Grind” out now featuring Alonzo Addae and his brand “Daily Deposits”

Earlier this month, Ottawa Redblacks’ receiver and returner DeVonte Dedmon launched a series called “The Grind”.

This off-season, leading into the 2023 CFL season Dedmon wants to take full advantage of that platform he has built for himself, starting a series with JZ Media and Psychletes called “The Grind”. “The Grind to me is for me to use my platform, not really to raise awareness but more to show what athletes do outside of their sports.” he told Jordan Zlomislic, “I want this not only to be about me, but I want to give my teammates and people around me a voice off of the field and show that we are more than athletes. I hate the ‘shut up and dribble’ stuff, so I want to give people a look into the locker room, where we talk about more than sports. We talk about financial literacy, mental health, starting businesses, and all of these different aspects of life that aren’t really talked about in sports, so this is kind of that escape that we need as athletes in the media.”

JZ Media’s press release on the series with Dedmon

He has had an introductory episode where he went into detail on his journey to Ottawa and told his audience more about himself off of the football field, and another episode with teammate Nate Behar. This episode, episode two, will be a takeover by one of his Redblacks teammates, Alonzo Addae.

Addae takes over the series in this episode, taking the audience through his first annual football camp in his hometown of Pickering, Ontario, and tells the audience about his brand that made the day possible, “Daily Deposits”.

Watch episode two of “The Grind” and learn more about Alonzo Addae and his brand, “Daily Deposits” now.

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