“Revenge of the Dreamer” a brand by Shakespeare Louis

In 2010, at 9 years old, following an earthquake in Haiti: Shakespeare Louis moved from his home country to Ottawa, Canada.

In Ottawa, he and his older sister reunited with their parents, and began a new life. When he was 15 years old, Louis began playing football and it was soon after where that new life revolved around football.

Playing football in Ottawa, not only did he fall in love with the sport, but he also started to dominate it as well. Meeting Coach Jean Guillaume and Iseah Montgiraud really changed his path for the better. It was when he began training and focusing on being a great football player on and off of the field, and ultimately it opened doors for him beyond just the city of Ottawa. After already adapting to Canada, and the differences between Canada and his original country of Haiti, it became time for him to adapt to the American culture, playing football at Clearwater Academy International in Florida.

He played there for two seasons, gaining experience, exposure and development as a football player prior to playing at the division one level where he is now with Robert Morris University in Moon, Pennsylvania.

At Robert Morris, Louis has been taking advantage of each and every opportunity that has come his way, not only on the field as a playmaker in the defensive backfield but also off of the field. This off-season he announced the launch of his clothing brand; Revenge of the Dreamer.

JZ Media and Psychletes’ Jordan Zlomislic visited Louis during spring ball to go behind the clothing brand. Watch the Psychletes episode with Shakespeare Louis to learn about his brand and his journey from Haiti.

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