Will Arndt

Photo taken by Chris Hofley of Arndt during 2018 mini camp

William Arndt, the longtime QB from Connecticut has juked and jived through multiple obstacles throughout his football career and isn’t looking for another obstacle to go through. In his freshman year if high school, Will was the starting quarterback of his school’s freshman team. He battled through a few minor back injuries while weight lifting, although with his competing mind set, he had no time to sit out. During that season, those minor injuries became a bigger problem in his football career and everyday lifestyle, he tucked the ball and went for a little scramble and was hit awkwardly. The awkward hit left Arndt partially paralyzed. The injury forced Will to be in a wheel chair for multiple weeks. The chances of him playing another season of football again would be next to zero. Arndt was on a mission and proved everyone wrong! Just over a year after he was in a wheel chair, he was back chucking bombs.  

Although he was back on the field, D1 University coaches had doubts about his abilities and if he is at his best potential yet.  

With minimal D1 offers graduating from high school, he chose to play at the University of West Conneticuit. He was playing college ball close to home, every athletes dream. His first game in University uniform, he caught for over 100 yards. Yep, thats right, CAUGHT, Will was working in at wide-out for the first weeks of his freshman season!
After a few injuries in the depth chart, he was back at QB and put on a show for the university! He put up over 3,000 yards passing and 32 touchdowns in his Senior season and was later invited to the FCS National Bowl wheres showcased his skills and talent in front of pro scouts. 

After a stint in the Alberta Football League, he was signed to a long term contract to play with the Ottawa Redblacks.
Arndt is yet to showcase his talent in a regular season game, although we have seen his potential in preseason games. 

This off-season, I contacted Will regarding a few questions…
Q: What’s your favorite color? A: Red/Black
Q: What’s your favorite meal? A: Ohana’s dinner at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, or anything from Chipotle
Q: What is your dream car? A: Audi S4 or a BMW M4
Q: If you couldn’t play sports, what would you be doing? A: If I never played sports, I’d probably be in the police crew, although now that I’ve been around football for awhile, I’ll definitely be working with football!
Q: If you could pick one NFL team to play for, who are you playing for? A: Nowhere in the NFL, I’m still looking to finish writing my story here in Ottawa. 

Now that you’ve seen him play, and know a little more about him, in the near future I hope to see a few #8s in the stands at TD place!

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