J.P Bolduc

Photo from REDBLACKS twitter

J.P Bolduc, the Laval product has been nothing but a blessing for the REDBLACKS. From on the field to off the field, he has always well represented the organization! J.P, who recently caught his first career interception has found himself moving back and forth within Linebacker, Half-back and Safety. Even with all the snaps at defense, Bolduc has enough stamina to be a big special teams help for Ottawa. The defensive and special teams stud has flied over the field for 48 tackles in the 43 games he’s spent in the CFL. With Marcel making little moves on the defensive side this off-season, we may see J.P power through with a big role in the ’19 campaign!

This off-season, I was lucky enough to have asked J.P some questions, I hope these answers help you decide to buy that #20 jersey you’ve always wanted!

What Is your favorite color?

J.P: Red, for the REDBLACKS and Rouge et Or!!

What is your favorite meal?

J.P: Fish (Salmon), and some Oreos and milk for desert.

What is your “Dream” car?

J.P: Mercedes Benz G Wagon easily!

What would you be doing if you were not playing football?

J.P: If I was not on the football field, I’d be killing it in the Politics!

If you could pick one NFL team to play for, who are you picking?

J.P: 100% Cleveland, been cheering for the Browns for ever! Now with Ryan Lindley on the coaching staff, it would be pretty cool!

Now that you know a thing or two more about J.P, I hope to see multiple people cheering for him to get another interception!

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