Tyrone Pierre’s March to Legacy

Tyrone Pierre

  • Born and raised in Ottawa, ON
  • Went to St.Peters Catholic High School in Ottawa
  • 24 years young; February 8 1995
  • 41st overall pick in 2018 CFL draft
  • Among the 6 REDBLACKS’ players from the University of Laval
  • Is a rapper that goes by the name “Hueso”
  • Link to music https://open.spotify.com/artist/5px5qdwlkLxEYOBRKDBlyI
  • Has fought through a few leg injuries, and is at 100% as of now
  • Has high hopes to be a hometown hero in near future

On Sunday, May 26, the REDBLACKS hosted “Fan Fest”. Fan Fest is a great day, which gives fans the best opportunities to interact with their favorite players. Just before the activities, I was fortunate enough to have a quick interview with Pierre.

Even though, the REDBLACKS lost Greg Ellingson, and Diontae Spencer during the off-season, the wide receiver depth is insane. Q: There are many good wide-outs here in camp, how do you separate yourself from others? A: “In all realness, I just try to learn something from all of them. With guys like Dominique (Rhymes), RJ (Harris), and Brad (Sinopoli), its not about standing out, its more about learning, taking all information coach (Winston October) gives us and applying it onto the field. As a rookie, I don’t know as much as the veteran guys, so right now, learning and improving is on my mind.” Q: As one of the new guys on the team, what veteran guys have you been looking up to? A: “For me, its actually an Alumni from my old school, Julian Feoli(Gudino). He’s taken a leadership role within the guys to critique me once and a while. From there, everyone is helping everyone, and that is something we all need. Day 1-3 we’re all fresh and ready to go, but day 4 and 5 are always tough, and we’ve been pushing each-other for those last reps, so everyone, weather you’re a rookie or a veteran guy, we’ve all been leaders.” Q: This off-season, you launched your career as a rapper, what inspired you to start making the music that your making? A: “Honestly, it was just the fact that I was injured, I injured my knee, so there wasn’t much to be doing. I was going through a lot mentally, having mixed emotions and I thought it was therapeutic. I started to write, and spilling my emotions over a beat and get to work.” Q: Who is your favorite artist? A: “Sheesh, right now I’ve got so many. I like Meek Mill a lot. Before football games, you can put on some Meek Mill and get hyped up.” Q: What is it like playing pro football back home? Was this a big dream of yours? A: “Ya, honestly I’m sure its every athletes dream to play back home. Its been great so far, although since it’s only camp it hasn’t quite soaked in as I thought so. In camp, the schedule is off, so once we get moving it might soak in more. I feel like the first game will be pretty sweet, having friends and family out!” Q: What advice would you give a young athlete trying to go next level? A: “All honesty, school. Growing up, I wasn’t exactly the best student. If there was something I can change, it would be that. Make school your priority, because that’s the only way you’re able to play football, play basketball and hockey. Stay in school and keep the grades up, so when you are done with sports, you can better not only your life, but the lives around you.”

Thank you very much for reaching the end of the article. I hope you learned a thing or two more about Tyrone. Hope to see some #85s at TD place that say “Pierre” instead of “Spencer”.

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