John Crockett Leans Towards Career in CFL

Photo by Robert Greeley
  • Born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • 27 years young; February 16 1992
  • Went to Fridley Totino-Grace High School
  • Played with Brock Jensen and Carson Wentz at North Dakota State University
  • In his senior year of University, he scored 21 rushing touchdowns on over 2,000 all purpose yards
  • 3 time NCAA FCS National Champ
  • Played with Green Bay, Oakland and Baltimore in NFL
  • Played with the Arizona Hotshots of the AAF
Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

During my time at this year’s fan fest, I was fortunate enough to interview veteran running back, John Crockett.

Photo from David Purdy/Getty Images

With John Crockett held onto NFL rosters, he has not been on any CFL rosters. His numbers back in college, are unheard of. If he can match those numbers here in Ottawa, he can be a superstar. Q: Outside of football, what do you think of Ottawa so far? A: “Actually, I love the city of Ottawa. Right now I’m just a little scared about the cold weather coming later on. I’m a Minnesota guy, so the cold doesn’t affect me too much, but the weather has to stay consistent.” Q: Have you been to Canada before this? A: “Absolutely not. The closest I’ve been to Canada is listening to Drake.” Q: With most of your career under the American rule book, how has it been adjusting to the CFL? A: “Well, that is one of the greatest things about it (the game of football), the field is bigger, only 3 downs and people have to realize that its a way faster tempo than the NFL. At the end of the day, its just football, you go out there and play the game you love with just another guy on the field.” Q: From your time in the AAF, how was your experience with the league? A: “The AAF really did stand out, it was put together for just as long as it was together. Other than that, it was a great opportunity for players to go out and enjoy playing ball again.” Q: If it lasted longer, do you believe that it could have been up with the NFL/CFL? A: “I think it could have definitely been a baby sister (Farm League) to the NFL or CFL, the NFL is and always will be the best, then going north is the CFL, and after that we’ve got nothing. If they had lasted longer than it did, I believe it could have done well.” Q: With the REDBLACKS losing a few big pieces during the off-season, how do you give yourself the best opportunity to get noticed during camp? A: “Well, you come in with a good mindset to make plays, the one thing you want to do with a successful team like Ottawa, is contribute everything you’ve got, and try your best to makes difference and show coaches and scouts what you can do for the team.” Q: What advice would you give a young athlete looking to go next level? A: One thing that I go by and others don’t always believe is that the hard work really does pay off. You have to put time and effort into what you love,and you will see success chasing you down.

Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Thank you for reaching the end of this article. I learnt a few things during this interview, and I hope you did too! #RNATION

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