Moves From Within

Photo Scott Grant

Depth Chart

VS Montreal (June 6)

Photo by Errol McGihon
  • QBs: Will Arndt and Danny Collins
  • RBs: John Crockett, Dalton Crossan and Greg Morris
  • FBs: Anthony Gosselin and Marco Dubois
  • SBs: Wesley Lewis, Jacob Scarfone, Nate Behar, Jordan Bouah
  • WRs: DeVonte Dedmon, Ryan Lankford, Guillermo Villalobos, Tyrone Pierre, Darius Powe
  • OT: Devondre Seymour, Stephane Nembot, Ryan Schmidt
  • OG: Phillippe Gagnon, Dan Omara, Jacon Cazja
  • C: Alex Fontana
  • DE: Max Valles, Kene Onyeka, John Sheehy, Chris Larsen, Samson Abbott
  • DT: George Uko, Blaine Woodson, Shaneil Jenkins, Thomas Grant, Kevin Bronson
  • OLB: Randall Evans, Nicolas Boulay, De’ Andre Montgomery
  • MLB: Jonathan Newsome, Mickael Cote, Charles Brousseau
  • HB: Joe Brown III, DeAndre Farris
  • DB: Jon Rose, Ranthony Texada, Monteze Latimore
  • S: Ironhead Gallon, Shamar Busby
  • K/P: Jose Maltos
  • KR: Ryan Lankford, DeVonte Dedmon

Roster Moves

RB Mossis Madu during Redblacks training camp at TD Place. May 31,2017. Errol McGihon/Postmedia

With the 2019 season opening up June 15th in Calgary, the REDBLACKS have officially announced who their starting quarterback will be. Dominique Davis is in charge week one. After QB, the only other position with a possible change would be at Runningback. At RB, Ottawa has Mossis Madu who is expected to start, and John Crockett who may slide in for the starting job.

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