Looking Forward

Top 5 players to look for

Photo by Errol McGihon
  1. Will Arndt; He had the most passing yards in the pre-season debut, and is looking to be moved up to the 3rd string spot as he is in fact starting this Thursday.
  2. John Crockett; He rushed for 57 yards on just 7 carries in his CFL debut and has an opportunity to be the starting running back if all goes well.
  3. Ironhead Gallon; Gallon led the team with 7 tackles in the first pre-season game and was an absolute bird flying around the field. If he keeps it up, he’s got a good chance to make a spot on the starting roster this season.
  4. DeVonte Dedmon; Yes, he returned a kick 100 yards, but he also caught and ran a ball for 38 yards. The REDBLACKS lost Diontae Spencer and released Troy Stoudermire, therefore we are looking for a solid return man between Ryan Lankford and Dedmon. He is fighting for a spot on the team.
  5. Ranthony Texada; Texada who had 4 tackles and a few pass deflections in the first game, has a shot at a position in the secondary after the release of Troy Stoudermire.
Ranthony Texada, Charlie Neibergall

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