Bye week check up

Its only week 3 of the 2019 CFL season, but we’ve learnt so much already. Whether it’s Lewis Ward’s head start to his field goal streak or Mossis Madu proving why he never should of backed up William Powell, this season has its reasons to be special. 

This off-season, we lost some key players from the 2018 REDBLACKS, and that brings us the “next man up” system. The guys that came behind Trevor Harris, William Powell, Greg Ellingson, Diontae Spencer, Rico Murray and Sir Vincent Rogers have started to and are ready to show what they are made of. 

Here are a list of things we’ve learnt from the last two weeks of the season.

Dominique Davis

Dominique Davis, who played behind Trevor Harris on last year’s REDBLACKS squad had won this years quarterback competition in training camp and he sure has done a good job showing why he is a starting quarterback in this league. Dominique who is second in passing for the 2019 CFL season, has thrown for 630 yards on 59 completions, and 3 of those completions ended in touchdowns. Davis has shown that he is more than just an arm on that field, but that he can run too, he leads the league with the most rushing touchdowns with 3 and has ran for 53 yards on only 10 carries. 

Mossis Madu

Madu, has been a backup in the CFL for the past 4 years and has done a good job so far proving why he should be on the field. Mossis, who has played a key role on this team early on in the season is 3rd in the CFL’s rushing with 198 total yards on 47 touches. Madu has done a phenomenal job staying on the field, getting the tough first downs and driving the team down the field. Keep your eyes out for #23, don’t let him surprise you.

Michael Wakefield

 Mike Wakefield, the second year Redblack defensive lineman is on pace to be the 2019 CFL sack leader. Finishing up week two of the season, Wakefield is tied for first in quarterback sacks with two. Mike has 5 defensive tackles and two quarterback sacks in the season so far. If he continues at this pace, he’d finish the season with 45 defensive tackles to go with 18 quarterback sacks. Last season, the sack leader, Charleston Hughes had 15 sacks, and if Mike Wakefield gets 18, he should be up there for the sack title.

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