RJ Harris

RJ Harris, the second year wide reciever of the Redblacks is on the hunt for 1st WR on the depth chart this season. RJ, the New Hampshire product is one of the only CFL players born in Germany. The German native wrote up many recieving records at the University of New Hampshire, and later caught balls from Drew Brees during the 2017 NFL preseason. Once let go, he was signed by Ottawa and his CFL journey started. 
Harris’ rookie year in Ottawa was very succesful. He was lucky enough to have talented guys around him like Diontae Spencer, Greg Ellingson, Brad Sinopoli and QB Trevor Harris. With all the talented recievers around him, the cornerbacks covering him were distracted by the veterans. That distraction granted RJ nearly 700 yards and two touchdowns. If it had’nt been for Lewis Ward, those stats would have given Harris the Rookie of the Year for Ottawa. 
This offseason, I asked some questions to RJ. 
Q: What’s your favorite colour? A: Red
Q: What’s your favorite meal? A: Meatloaf w/ mac ‘n cheese and a slice of vanilla cake for desert.
Q: What’s your dream car? A: Maserati
Q: If you couldnt play sports, what would you be doing? A: Running a smaller business in my small town
Q: If you could pick any NFL team to play for, who are you playing for? A: I’m actually happy enough where I am in Ottawa, would be tough to leave this campain! 

With the information given on our upcoming number one reciever, I hope to see multiple 84 jerseys at TD Place this year! 

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