Who shined for Ottawa in last night’s loss

R.J Harris

R.J Harris, who is in his second year in the league, has been awesome for Ottawa all along! Last year he had just under 700 yards, playing under Diontae Spencer, Greg Ellingson and Brad Sinopoli. This year we’ve seen him lots, with him and Dominique Rhymes playing “Next man up” with Brad Sinopoli, they both have had advanced roles compared to past years.

Last night we had seen R.J Harris catch 6 footballs for over 85 yards, one of them being a 30 yard catch leading to a field goal.

Avery Williams

Last year, Avery Williams played behind Kyries Hebert and Chris Ackie, while this year he has taken the starting role as a middle linebacker, and has been solid in all 3 games he’s played in.

In last night’s loss, Williams rallied up 8 tackles to go with his 16 tackles and sack he has in the whole season so far.

Sherrod Baltimore

Sherrod has entered his third season in the Ottawa organization, and he is loving every minute of it! Him and Jonathan Rose have become the best defensive duo in the CFL, and they’re only getting better.

Last night, Baltimore recorded 3 tackles, a key 2nd down pass deflection, and a forced fumble which led to a Jonathan Rose touchdown.

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