Dominique Rhymes believes off-season training was a success!

Dominique Rhymes, 2016 Grey Cup champion who trained with starting quarterback, Dominique Davis in the off-season has received an advanced role with the 2019 REDBLACKS.

Q and A with Rhymes

Q: In the off-season, you and QB Dominique Davis trained together. How strong do you believe your duo with him is?

A: ” I think it’s really strong, we worked out this off-season and now we know what each one of us can do and what each of us will be every play. I think that will be big for us!

Q: Do you think these sessions have an impact on the success you guys have had early on this season?

A: ” Most definitely! Dom (Davis) is a hard worker as much as myself, we just put our heads down and work hard every day, so we can be better for this team.

Q: In previous seasons, you hadn’t got much recognition, now that you are leaned on as a top target in Ottawa, how does this impact you as a player? Are you better this year compare to previous years?

A: ” I don’t think it affects it at all, I come in every day to work hard every day, every year no matter my role, I’m just trying to make the team better.”

Q: Throughout your career, you’ve seen the “next man up system” for both quarterbacks, Trevor Harris and Dominique Davis, what do you have to say about Davis’ transition to QB1?

A: ” He’s done great so far this year, I believe he can do many great things in this league. I am very proud of him and very happy that he is my quarterback!

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