Newly signed Jeff Knox Jr. looks to have physical and fast impact to Redblacks’ Defense.

Brent Just/Electric Umbrella

The newly signed linebacker, who has spent time in the CFL with both Toronto and Saskatchewan, along with time with NFL organizations such as, Tampa Bay, Tennessee and Washington. The new Redblacks’ linebacker set records with over 120 tackles in his rookie season in 2015 with the Riders’. Linebacker, Kevin Francis suffered an injury in the Ottawa Redblacks’ home opener, looks as if Knox could be a replacement for the time Francis will miss.

Interview timeout

Q: In your time spent in the CFL, you’ve played multiple games here in Ottawa… How excited are you to play in from of Ottawa’s fans?

A: “Man, I’m very excited! This is one of the best stadiums in the league as you know the fanbase in great. Every time I played against Ottawa, I always wondered what its like playing for them, and now I’m here! Looking forward to making them (the fans) happy!

Q: Being signed after Friday’s loss to Winnipeg, what kind of impact should we expect with your addition to the team?

A: “It’s going to be physical, fast, explosive, smart and I’m going to try and get my teammates to trust me to make plays. We’re going to win football games.”

Q: In your rookie year, you rallied up over 120 total tackles. With the defense here in Ottawa that is built around you, do you have a certain number of tackles as a goal to achieve this season?

A: “I’m here 4 games into the season and not sure if I’ll play the first one I’m here for, but when I’m on the field, I’m going to get enough tackles to help win a game! Whether its 100 (tackles) or if its 10 (tackles), as long as we win, I’ll be happy!

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