REDBLACKS fall to 2-3 after a loss in Winnipeg

In a 31-1 loss to Winnipeg, the Redblacks had no luck on their side. With Jonathon Jennings left with 45 passing yards, and on the other side Matt Nichols and Streveler tallied up for 295 yards.

While we lost battle in the pass game, running back John Crockett who was named starter at Tuesday’s practice this week rushed for 88 yards while catching the ball twice for 20 yards which would leave him with 108 total yards on 17 touches.

In the same time that Crockett shined in his first start, both DeVonte Dedmon and Jerod Fernandez had successful starts to their careers.

Dedmon, who returned 7 punts and 5 kickoffs ran for a total of 191 all-purpose yards. Meanwhile on the defensive side of the ball, Jerod Fernandez rallied up 7 total tackles which helped out fellow linebackers Avery Williams and Anthony Cioffi in the tough loss.

Although the score didn’t show excellence, there were many bright spots to tonight’s game!

William Arndt, who is spending his second year in Ottawa was able to go in and get his first CFL snaps, where he’d lead the team in passing on just 4 completions going for 57 yards. While he threw for the most yards on the team tonight, he used his legs and gained an extra 13 yards to help Crockett with the run game.

The REDBLACKS defense had it’s struggles, but were able to find themselves in a good position for future games. The team, who brought up 4 new defensive guys for this week’s game because of injuries lost the fight in the long run, but came across with some tools. Jerod Fernandez, and DeAndre Farris ended the night with 12 total tackles in their first starts of their careers. Along with Fernandez and Farris, Avery Williams and Anthony Cioffi stay consistent as both of the linebackers tally up for 10+ tackles each!

Next week, we will face off against Calgary at TD Place on Thursday. John Crockett should be the starting running back, and we should also expect the same defense, as the newer guys become a little more experienced with the team.

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