Baltimore and Rose taking “Bros” to the next level

Sherrod Baltimore and Jonathan Rose, the two REDBLACKS DBs who’ve had so much success together here in Ottawa have now developed a name for themselves. Rose and Baltimore are now known as “The Bros”.

The Bros have are in their third season together, in their time together, their defensive duo have combined for 183 tackles, 10 interceptions, 6 fumbles and two touchdowns!

After losing in the 2018 Grey Cup last season, the two defensive backs stayed the off-season here in Ottawa.

The off-season gave the two the opportunity to explore the city, and show that they aren’t just great on the field but also off the field.

In the time the two spent in Ottawa for the off-season, the REDBLACKS fans really got to see how much they love this city, and the city loves them back.

Last week, the two all-stars started their own clothing line, “The Bros, 2 for 1 special” where they sell special edition hoodies and t-shirts. If you’d like one yourself, visit the link below to support “The Bros”!

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