Davis joins Redblacks on the road trip to Montreal and Jeff Knox Jr takes first snaps as a Redblack

Road Trip

The Redblacks will travel to Montreal this week to face off against the Montreal Alouettes on Friday, August 2nd.

While the Redblacks try to stop their 4 game loss streak, on the other side of the ball, the Alouettes try and extend their win streak to 4.

Injury and Breakdown Timeout

The Alouettes have Pipkin out for another few weeks, which leaves Vernon Adams at Quarterback.

Even though he Quarterback position may be a problem for the Als, Montreal has William Stanback. Stanback leads the CFL in rushing yards at 504.

On Ottawa’s side of the ball, Quarterback Dominique Davis will return as the starting quarterback. Davis stated the first 4 games of the season and sits at 2-2. With Davis out, that means Jennings will sit out this game.

Redblacks’ Jeff Knox Jr’s brother Jamal Knox wrote and sang “Hakuna Matata”

For the run game, Madu stays on the injured list, and John Crockett, who has 234 yards rushing in 3 games will stay as the starting back.

Back in the air, Receiver, RJ Harris will remain out as the main receivers will be Rhymes, Holley, Sinopoli and Noel Thomas. With Davis back in the lineup, we should see more of Dom Rhymes as they had a fantastic duo in the game against Saskatchewan where the put on a show, 154 yards and a touchdown.

On defense, the Redblacks will have Jonathan Rose and Antoine Pruneau out for the 3rd straight week as they both are on the 6 game injured list. With those two out again, we will see a lot of work within our linebackers Linebackers Avery Williams, Anthony Cioffi and Jerod Fernandez have combined for multiple tackles each over the last few games, and we will see the addition of Jeff Knox Jr. as he takes his first snaps as a Redblacks linebacker.

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