REDBLACKS returner DeVonte Dedmon brings bright spot to REDBLACKS in big 30-27 Overtime win, and Lewis Ward drills three field goals to keep his streak going


Starting the game with a Davis to Thomas completion was the start to an odd game!

After completing the first pass, Davis had a completion drought, where we`d see two straight drives with a turnover.

Once the Redblacks were given the ball for the 4th time, the game changed. DeVonte Dedmon waiting for the kickoff with 3:26 left in the 1st quarter, was singing the words to Mo Bamba as he returned the kick. Dedmon ran the kick back 111 yards to the house. After the return, the REDBLACKS were down 10-8.

In the last seconds of the first quater, the REDBLACKS defense was taken advantage of as Vernon Adams and the Alouettes offense went 69 yards on 8 plays which ended on a one yard quarterback sneak touchdown for Adams. With this touchdown and the conversion, the Alouettes were up 17-8 going into quarter 2.

Calgary Stampeders vs Ottawa REDBLACKS July 25, 2019 PHOTO: Andre Ringuette/Freestyle Photography

Skipping through 14 minutes of the second quarter, Dedmon was back to return a punt. With the score sitting at 17-8, Dedmon would look to shorten the Alouettes lead going into half-time.

And… he did it. DeVonte Dedmon returns the punt 95 yards for a REDBLACKS touchdown. Montreal`s lead was cut to three as the score would sit at 17-14.

After the first half, it looked as if Dedmon would return a few more to the house and put Diontae Spencer`s 496 yard game would be in jepordy.

Also going into quarter 3, the Redblacks struggled to put points on the board, although the offense had its struggles, considering the time of posession, the defense was playing lights out.

With momentum going our way going into the second half, punter and kicker Richie Leone would pin the Alouettes to their own 15 yard line. After a holding penalty and a few good defensive plays, Michael Wakefield would give the Redblacks offense the ball at the 8 yard line with a Vernon Adams interception.

Giving the Redblacks fans something to cheer about, Dominique Davis and Brad Sinopoli`s touchdown would also lead to 2 Lewis Ward field goals.


Going through the whole second half, Lewis Ward kicked 2 field goals and Brad Sinopoli caught touchdown number 2 on the season to tie the game 27 all going into Overtime.

Starting overtime at the 35 yard line, the Redblacks would 3 straight completions and a few John Crockett runs which would bring the Redblacks to the 7 yard line.

After dtriving down the field, Lewis Ward would drill a 14 yard field goal to go up 30-27 with one posession left in the game.

After two passes to runningback, William Stanbacxk, Redblacks linebacker Jerod Fernandez reads a 2nd and 10 pass to Stanback and forces a fumble which leads to a Montgomery game sealing fumble recovery.

Player of the game: DeVonte Dedmon

DeVonte Dedmon, who returned 13 kicks ran all of them back for 377 yards and 2 touchdowns is your player of the game.

Photo from CBC sports

Following the game, I was fortunate enough to interview DeVonte about his fantastic game.

Lil Z: You were brought up by Ottawa a few weeks ago following your succesful pre-season. With the team struggling with special teams after your release, how does it feel to be such a big piece to the team in tonights victory?

DeVonte Dedmon: Its a great feeling, the coaches and guys all believe in me which is huge. I ytell you everytime I see you, I am just happy to be here. The spark today, it was my teammates. They told mne they would get me there, and they did so I am very excited. We got the W, which is huge to come back to Ottawa with a win! On to the next now!

Lil Z: Cominhg into Ottawa, the team has some experience with great returners like yourself, have you watched any of the Diontae Spencer film?

DeVonte Dedmon: Actually yes! As soon as I got the call, I was wondering what Ottawa was all about. I saw Diontae on my phone for a while. I watched a lot of his film coming up to Ottawa. Actually seeing that he signed with the Steelers opened my eyes too! I was like sheesh! They are getting a great player. Eventhough I saw all that, I will try and just help the team win and be myself and not copy him. I will do what I can do and show what I got.

Lil Z: Today, you scored your first few touchdowns of your career, what was going through your head once you crossed the goal line on the first one?

DeVonte Dedmon: Honestly, I wanted to cry. I went through a lot in my life and the last five years alone, its been a ride to get here. Just meant a lot, for all my family and friends back home that cant make it here, so I am really happy to be here myself.

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