Injuries sideline Harris, Tindal, Lauzon-Segin and Holley but also give opportunities to others

The Redblacks traveled to Edmonton this morning, but the whole team wasn’t on the plane. There were multiple guys who weren’t cleared to play in tomorrows game in Edmonton.

With the pass game struggling, its tough to lose someone a part of that, and we’ve lost two. R.J Harris, who’s been out for multiple weeks now is unable to comeback from injury this week in Edmonton. R.J Harris’ injury is becoming old news for us, so the team also has more news for us! Caleb Holley, who contributed in a big way in our comeback last week in Montreal will be out this week due to an injury.

Redblacks receiver, Tyrone Pierre will perform music tomorrow at the Hudson, stop by the Hudson before watching the game at home.

Although the two receivers will be out in Edmonton, it doesn’t mean we wont have the same impact in the pass game. Receivers Feoli-Gudino, Dominique Rhymes, Noel Thomas, Brad Sinopoli and Nate Behar will remain in the lineup while we say hello two a few speedsters.

Kick Returner DeVonte Dedmon will get a few reps at receiver, while the team will also bring up wide receiver/kick returner, Rafael Araujo-Lopes to start at slot back tomorrow.

Along with the offensive injuries, the defense will also be impacted from injuries. Corey Tindal will miss his first game of the season this week as the team will bring up DeAndre Farris to start at DB against the Edmonton receivers this week.

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