Crockett and company look to find endzone in this weeks game in Saskatchewan

John Crockett, running back for Ottawa has been nothing but awesome for the Redblacks this season. Rushing and receiving for over 400 yards in just 4 starts has been an incredible start to his Canadian career.

Before coming to Ottawa, Crockett played at the University of North Dakota where he’d play with former Redblacks QB Brock Jensen and 2016 NFL second overall pick, Carson Wentz and rush for over 3,000 yards in two seasons as a starter before going to the big leagues.

After playing on a tremendous North Dakota team, the running back was signed by the Green Bay Packers to play with QB Aaron Rodgers and company.

With the Packers, Crockett only played one game, where he’d rush the ball 9 times for 21 yards. The game he played, was the same game Aaron Rodgers found Richard Rodgers for a hail Mary touchdown. One thing a little un-noticed about the play would’ve been the running back who blocked Aaron Rodgers’ way to scramble for that hail Mary throw. Yes, John Crockett was on the field blocking for Rodgers when Rodgers threw for his first ever Hail Mary.

About three years after the iconic Rodgers to Rodgers Hail Mary hookup that Crockett was a part of, John Crockett would find himself at Redblacks 2019 training camp with an interview with me.

Going into the season, Crockett sat behind Madu for a few games. Mossis Madu who is a veteran running back in the CFL rushed for 268 yards and before the Redblacks’ plugged John Crockett into the lineup.

Crockett: “Mossis Madu is a great player! I love him as a person and a player. He’s one of those guys I look up to, because he’s had so much experience within the league, and I’m glad to say he’s my teammate!”

Now we fast forward a few weeks, Crockett has now started four games after taking the job away from Madu in week 6 and the Redblacks are set to play their 10th game of the season which will come against the Saskatchewan Roughriders on Saturday. Coming into week 11, Crockett has 394 rush yards and 48 receiving yards on the season and is looking to find the endzone for the first time this week against Saskatchewan.

Crockett: “It’s a little tough to see a zero under the touchdown stat, I’ve been fortunate to have some big runs that can make it easier on the team, but I’d love to help the team get in the endzone and when I do get a touchdown, I hope it comes in bunches!”

To go with the 400 all purpose yards he is now over this season, Crockett was also announced top rookie so far this season by TSN.

This Saturday the Redblacks look to go 4-6 with their 4th win of the season!

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